"A Tale of Two T's" by Tanya Allan

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    May 18, 2015 1:22 PM BST

    Terry's a guy, or so he says. Everyone else he meets seems inclined to disagree. Struggling financially as an artist in London and doing very poorly at relationships things start to change when he meets an apparition of an apparenty dead Countess who vanishes but Terry finds himself drawn to the home of the reclusive and still mourning count. Things immediately become interesting as Terry bears a striking resemblance to the deceased Countess in physical appearances and name (Theresa which she preferred be shortened to Terri).


    It's hard to say if I enjoyed this book or not as the supernatural elements mixed in with what is essentially a fairy tale type TG transformation that has some semblences of Cinderella left me feeling a bit cheated. Terry/Terri is also arguably not really Transgendered but has simply been a bit sexually frustrated due to his afeminate appearance. That said, the exploration of the characters and their relationships becomes intriguing as Terry/Terri fights for her own independance and identity whilst clearly representing someone from the past for the other two main characters (A husband who's struggling with the apparent resemblance to his deceased wife and a brother who is having equal difficulties moving on). The eventual story seems a little too fairy tale-ish for me as the frustrated young man becomes the doted upon and (although retaining some basic roots in simplicity and simpleton style) the ever elegantly presented woman.


    An interesting read but might put off some Transgendered individuals who have had to go through the severe and traumatic experiences of transition compared to the one undergone in this fictional one.


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    October 5, 2017 10:10 PM BST

    Yeah, I liked this book.  As you say, a bit fairy tale, but still a nice read.