"Killing Me Slowly" by Tanya Allan

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    May 26, 2015 2:20 PM BST

    Michael's a Royal Marine who suddenly falls very ill.

    Discovering the illness is a severe allergic reaction to testosterone Michael is forced to become a girl and this books follows her trials and tribulations as she comes to terms with being the opposite gender and no longer being ale to do the job she wishes to continue (fighting on the front lines).


    I enjoyed htis book but perhaps I am becoming a little too familiar with Tanya's writing and her books seem to be a little "too good to be true" which undoubtedly tends to happen in fiction works. That said the books passes through some interesting phases and explores some interesting topics including over compensating by males (and the long term effects of such) and desires of males to please their parents. Of course our main character already has an underlying desire to be female so pretty quickly becomes acclimatised to her sudden and inavoidable change but I couldn't help feeling this might have been so much better had the main character not actually wanted to be a girl underneath (and thus had a much greater struggle in coming to terms with their new life).


    |Some of the structure of the book becomes hard to follow as Tanya starts each chapter by brushing on the end of an event and then revisiting it through the chapter in retrospect. This generally works but occasionally feels like the author becomes confused as to where exactly she is in the story.


    I'd probably give this 2.5/5 stars as the book covers topics I find of interest but it's not an exceptional book by any means and leaves a lot of ground that is never explored (that could have been very interesting).


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