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    July 29, 2015 10:20 PM BST
    Aren't computers wonderful - there are people working day and night coming up with new uses and functions for computers.  The iPhones are a great example. I used to be able to recognise people either near or at a short distance but now they're either playing a game or texting while walking - head down and not looking at where their going.
    I was driving the other day in a parking lot , no less, and got glared at by a young child. I slowed to allow this kid and his father to cross in front of me. The kid was busy with his gadget and not moving fast enough to suit his father. The parent gave him a push and what was his reaction - he turned around and glared at me - probably because he lost his game. 
    I don't know anyone who answers their iPhone - I always get "leave a message" - whoppie! 
    This idea of having a computer doing the driving instead of me, troubles me greatly.
    Where does the computer get its driving permit?
    What happens to the computers that break the traffic laws?  
    Can I get a pre-computer vehicle?
    Any opinions?