Music by TransAngels

  • September 8, 2015 8:43 PM BST


    I didn't know where exactly should I put it, but I wanted to present You some trans* related project I'm part of that's called TransAngels. It's an artistic project of 3 transgirls that aims to explore our daily translife, happiness and sadeness, ups and downs, frustrations and successes. It's in Polish, unfortunately, but We have made two music pieces with nice Videos. The music pieces are long (around 10 minutes) - they're built around a fictional erotic story (JessTale) and a real letter to the one woman that loved one of us as a woman (Mirror). If You have some time to spend, we would be ravished to hear Your thougts on our work.


    Blog: - there will be 2 YouTube videos for songs.

    If you prefer just the music, visit us on


    I hope You will like it and find something for yourself