Getting Estrogen

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    October 17, 2015 3:50 PM BST

    Hi everyone!

    I'm an underage trans girl. I've only come out to a couple of close friends. I've been feeling extremely dysphoric about my body recently and I have panic attacks at school because of it. At this point in my life it could be very dangerous for me to come out to my family, but I really really need to get on estrogen as soon as possible because my body is going through a lot of irrevirsible changes that I really need to prevent. If any of you know how I could get hormones without my parents knowledge, please help. I'm desperate.

  • October 17, 2015 10:27 PM BST

    The first question is do you have a psych/counselor? They will be instrumental in helping you move through the process. DO NOT take meds that are not prescribed for you. Once you have worked with a psych/counselor, they will determine when you are ready to begin hormone replacement therapy (HRT). As I found, even at 57, and endo may not just take your word for it. My endo wants my counselor to call her or FAX a letter stating that I am truly transgendered and it is not brought about by some other condition. That is another thing that the psych/counselor will ascertain. I know it can be frustrating, but you have to follow the process. It is for your benefit that things move slowly. Some changes can't be undone easily once you begin. So a counselor will make sure you are on the right path and seeing the right people. Once again, do not take shortcuts. DO NOT take meds not prescribed to you. An endocronologist will take a baseline blood test to check your testesterone levels as well as other things. They will then prescribe the correct dosages for your body and levels. These drugs are powerful and can cause kidney damage also. So please, take the right steps. Be sure to have a psych/counselor to guide you. 

  • October 20, 2015 4:43 PM BST

    Emma's comments are pertinant to your situation and future path: self administration is a highly risky and dangerous path; and, professional advice is essential. Why do you not want your parents to find out?

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    February 16, 2016 1:09 AM GMT

    Rowan! I doubt you will read this as you made one post and were sucked into the GS black hole never to return as most do who come here. You are not alone in the black hole! You share it with about 20,000 never to be seen again members.

    You say you are underage? According to your profile you are over 18 so you are not underage. Unless you lied about your age you have gone through puberty and once that has happened age does not matter to much as nature has done it's work.

    So as I doubt you will read this others can learn from it. I personally have about 20 months prescribed packs of hormones. Would I give or sell them to anyone? No I would not because they were prescribed to me by my doctor. You and others need to understand they are not sweets/candy. The the reason I have so many spare packs is because I have blood tests every 3 months and my dosage changes depending on levels in my blood. Twice my Oestrogen levels have been dangerously high and I mean dangerously , more than 4 times higher than a genetic female. Without those blood tests I would have been unaware of those levels and they would have kept rising and could have caused DVT or stroke or even killed me. Do it the proper way and safest way and see a professional.