Is This Where the Newbies Hangout?

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    October 20, 2015 12:52 AM BST

    Hello everyone.  My name is Michelle.  Just thought I would drop by and introduce myself.  But what to say about myself, that is the big question?  After all I don't want to put people asleep with my introduction.  After all that wouldn't be a good first impression.  Except for maybe the people with insomina

    So yes I do have a sense of humor and use it a lot.  A good way to lighten a serious moment like this one right now.  Well maybe not serious but nervous for me.

    Anyway a little about myself.  I am male to female transgender.  Although that might be a little misleading depending on your definition.  The reason why I say that is that I am not transitioning or intend to come out except for a few close friends about being transgender. I indentify as female personality wise (if that is the right way to say it) and I have found that I just want ot be myself.  Only problem is that I really don't who I am as I have been someone else most of my life.

    Anyway I think I should stop there.  After all I can spend hours talking about myself and do put anybody asleep reading it.  Look forward to getting to know people here and being part of the membership here.  Ok tell me the truth did I sound too corny there in that last sentence

  • October 26, 2015 10:06 PM GMT

    Nearly a week old this thread! I am just catching up, No! you did'nt put me to sleep, a warm welcome,  A lot to deal with being transgendered, if you identify as female I would not consider it as misleading. calling yourself transgender, just go with the flow and just be what you are comfortable with, no pressure.

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    December 8, 2015 11:30 AM GMT

    Welcome Michelle,

    I recently stumbled upon this website one night (well, technically early morning). --And, no I don't think any of what you said would at all be considered "corny". Welcome, I'm glad to be a part of an online community with so many different people I can relate with.

    Hi, from Oregon,