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Progynon Depot 2 vials to be mixed?

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  • Hello and wonder if i can get some help from someone who went trough this experience before ...
    I have recently purchased some vials of progynon depot
    in Thailand and silly of me i forgot to ask the nurse how she would
    normally prepare and if the 2 vials were to be mixed.
    I am sorry it this might be confusing to the readers
    however i can attach a photo and show you what product it is.
    i dont know yet if i have to inject each vial separately or perhaps
    mix the two of them?

    Have transitioned for 2 years with progynova 4mg and spironolactone, however under the doctor's advice i would like to try also the progynon depot.
    Thanks and any help appreciated

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    I'm not a doctor and have never injected myself so I am not the best person to advise you, but one of those vials is not Progynon (estradiol valerate) at all - it is Proluton which is a synthetic progestin. Did you order that?

    Progestins are known for their undesirable side effects (depression, risk of stroke etc) and frankly I would advise anyone to avoid them.

    Progesterone may or not be beneficial in M2F hormone therapy, but the safest form is micronised progesterone, which is bio-identical to human progesterone.

    Anything called progestin is a synthetic form of progesterone and should probably be avoided.

    In my opinion 2 vials of Progynon depot would be better value for money than what you have above.


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  • Thank you Lucy 

    yes that is also th answer i got from someone else.

    i wont mix the two vials as it might be harmful to my health -

    have a great day 

      November 12, 2015 6:50 PM GMT
  • Before anyone ever goes to any doctors to be put on medication or even begins this process make sure that the therapist truly is qualified with the correct degree to legally practice as a gender phd psychologist or as a gender phd psychiatrist. Or has the correct degree to legally practice as a gender endocrinologist or gender obgyn. Most universities and hospitals 95% in the usa do no train individuals for transgender Healthcare. But with that said regular 10mls of 30 to 40 ml bottles of progynon are the only estrogen injectable medication is the only estrogen medication that works just as cyproterone acetate brand name necessary 200-350 mgs are the only meds that work along with 2 to 10mgs of progestin. Otherwise your doctor will only be lieing to you. I am a phd genetic biologist who has participated in transgender studies at the las Angeles hospital. I have a phd in genetic biology from penn state. Read a 2008 study done in Australia its the largest study to date. An in may 2016 the usa, Toronto, Australia, Thailand, Tokyo, Switzerland, Belgium, London, Netherlands and Germany will participate in the largest world study. Read on the 2008 study an believe what I say to be true. On cyproterone acetate brand name an progynon will take 3 weeks to work. Unless you have a tablet of 50,000 mgs of genetically enhanced red clover an Progynon this will be the only way to feminize your body. This post was edited by Amber Becker at May 30, 2016 9:05 PM BST
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  • Now if you choose not to believe me your only hurting yourself believe what I say to be true I am a scientist after all. Other wise your never properly transition.
      May 30, 2016 9:12 PM BST
  • Sorry, I don't know that. But now progynon depot has been discontinued. so u can buy Estradiol Valerate injection which is similar to progynon depot. Buy it from :

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