Applying for a maid position 1

  • November 29, 2002 9:13 PM GMT
    So when do we get to hear about how you fared in your test?
    Please continue Sharon.
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    July 25, 2002 5:04 PM BST
    I hope what i am going to write is not inappropriate... And please excuse my spelling mistakes...

    Like many other sissies, i would love to be a maid to a dominating mistress. so
    here i am applying to this position for a TV sissy maid position i found. i
    arrive to the interview already dressed. i shaved completely that morning, so i
    am completely smooth and soft. i am wearing black satin maid outfit, with a lace
    apron, puffed sleeves, black gloves, silk black stockings. under my dress i am
    wearing a very tight satin corset, which gives my heaps a feminine shape. for
    shoes i am wearing 4" heel shoes with a pencil thick heel. i've been practicing
    walking in them before the interview, and feel quite comfortable walking in
    them. i am carying a small handbag with my make-up and nothing else, as the ad
    said that the girl who wins the job will have to leave everything behind.

    i knock on the door and wait. no answer. again, and once again no answer. after
    standing out there for 15 minutes the door open. a TV maid in pink uniforms is
    at the door. she shows me to a waiting room . there are no chairs in the room.
    there are 6 other maids in the room, apparently all have applied for the job.
    they are all standing, their heads down, hands behind their back back, and their
    panties down to their ankles. it shows clearly on some of them that their
    clitties are hard from excitement. the pink maid grabs me by the elbow and drags
    me to the wall. she orders me to pull my panties down. i do so, but when i want
    to get
    up she shouts "stop right there, until i tell you to get up!". goes behind me
    and examines me: my legs, my skin, my ass, my sissy cunt. i hear her dress
    ruffling as she moves behind me, and start caressing my ass with one hand while
    her other hand riches between my thighs and start milking my clit. soon i become
    very hard.
    then she stops and order me to straighten. she ties my hands behind my back and
    says: "the Mistress will start seeing you girls soon. you are to wait here for
    Her standing, exactly as you are. when each of you goes into the interview room,
    you will walk in as you are now: tied, panties down, head bowed, and clit hard
    and erect. if any of you feels she is getting soft, she must notifying the sissy
    next to her, and she must get on her knees, and suck your clit until  you are
    hard again. no cumming is allowed needless to say. failing to get to the
    interview hard, or cumming without permission, will fail you. understood?"
    we all reply "yes ma'am". she then leaves.
    after standing there for few minutes, they maid next to me says in a quite
    voice "please help me, i am getting soft". i immediately turn to her, very
    clumsy because i can't
    really use my hands and legs, kneel down between her legs, put my head under
    her skirt. with my tongue i find her clit, take it to my mouth and start sucking
    it. after several minutes of sucking she starts moving and she is practically
    fucking my mouth. i stop, get up and assume my position again.
    this goes on for about 30 minutes. during that time i suck her 2 more times,
    and once more another TV maid who came to the room. i myself go soft once and
    have a pretty maid dressed in red licking my clitty. the pink-maid then comes
    in. without saying a word she goes to the first girl, puts a collar on her neck,
    attaches a leash to it, and takes her out. they both disappear. after few
    minutes we hear a whip slushing, a painfull scream, followed by a yell : "one!
    thank you mistress! please give me more for i want to serve You as a maid!".
    once again the whip goes, and once again she screams in pain, thanking the
    Mistress and begging for more. it goes until she counts to 25. then it stops.
    after a few minutes she appears, sobbing, and says "Mistress Adriana instructed
    me to tell you the test is made of 4 parts: First: maid manners: courtesy,
    walking, tone of speech. Second, giving sexual services. i served head-maid
    cleo. third, corporal punishment" (which we all heard), "and!
    forth and most important performing maid duties".
    i look up and see she has starts tidying the room and dusting the windows,
    obviously starting the 4th part of her test.

    to be continued...

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    December 10, 2003 12:46 PM GMT
    Hi Sharon,

    Wonderfull, can't wait to hear how it continues. Majestic.


  • November 9, 2002 3:54 PM GMT

    More than appropriate it was excellent  :)- did u get the job