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What have you got here?.

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  • I made a similar post to this a long time ago so here is a refresh. The Gender Society and what I believe are the most important points to it's existance.

    These forums are read by people outside , if you look on the left hand side of the home page you will see the guests online. Those guests cannot post or respond but members can. So that is one thing you have that non members do not.


    The most important part of this website is the forums. Anyone can ask anything however small and most likely get an answer.

    I have witnessed on other trans websites people asking questions then being told stupid things like , do you not how to use google?. That is not an answer it is an insult. The reason it is an insult is because google or any other search engine is not personal , yes it gives answers but it has not lived our lives , it is not human.

    You have in alphabetical order Amanda who will help you with any Psychology questions.

    You have Cristine who will help you with legal matters.

    You have Lucy who will answer questions on hormones.

    You have Other members with their life experiences.

    What more could you ask for? And you will not be charged an arm and a leg for it.


    A small question to some may seem petty but if it is affecting that person it is big to them or can be.

    These forums are what I consider to be the heart of this place but it is the people who help others that keeps that heart beating.

    Those people do not have to give up their time but they do , they do it because they care. It is up to you to give them a reason to be here though. Never be afraid to ask a question however small it may seem to you if it is bothering you in someway. Best not take the piss though , sorry but some do come here to do that.

    Genuine questions will get genuine responses. You can also have some fun here too , it is not all serious.

    Just treat this place like a small family , there is so much knowledge here so please spend some time looking at the latest posts because you maybe able to help someone out. Helping others can be very rewarding , if you help another person out you can go to bed thinking I made a difference today.


    You all take care xx


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      March 9, 2016 10:23 PM GMT
  • Probably the best and most heartfelt post I have seen on here for a long time.

    Cristine Jennifer Shye.  B/L.  B/Acc
      March 9, 2016 11:06 PM GMT
  • Thank you Crissie I just typed what I was thinking and what some members seem to ignore. I wish to thank you all for caring , if we stop caring about each other and this place we may aswell just give up now. You know aswell as I do that life is not always easy. If together we can all make a difference then we can say we we done our bit.


    Again Thank you xxx

      March 9, 2016 11:27 PM GMT
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    A very nice post Julia.  Well done and by the way, welcome back!

    Katie   :)


    Success is the ability to go from one failure to the next without any loss of enthusiasm!
      March 10, 2016 2:03 PM GMT
  • Thank you Katie , I only really came back to say goodbye to my friends but they wanted me to stay and I gave in. Some people do need reminding though of what they have here , it is unique. Also the time given up by others should have some recognition.

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful place.


    Julia xx

      March 10, 2016 6:10 PM GMT