OUT now what

  • June 25, 2016 12:11 PM BST

    The UK is out of the EU, Cameron chanced his arm and lost!   Personally the man was nieve, conceited, imoral and The Arrogant Etonian, failed us,  like Margaret Thatcher, sold of our national assets, privatised the only profitable parts of the NHS and other national interest to favour the few rich and powerful, forsaking the ordinary tax payers, his private view that we were phlebs, a common word bandied about by his cronies.   He went to Brussels, making demands, was prepared to settle for half a cake, came back with a few crumbs thinking he could keep the majority of perceived stupid and ignorant Brits happy.

    Scotland which has it's own parliament, voted strongly in favour of remain. they will call for their right to have a referendum to rejoin as a seperate entity, Wales voted to exit, but per capita head they reciever more  in subsidies from the EU.

    As far as border controls go and imigration, France well move the border control out of Calaise and demand the border now begins at Dover and the south coast, allowing the imigrants to flood over the chanel, getting rid of what they now see as our problem, so we will end up with hundreds of thousands of none europeans in camps in Kent, remember the majority of these are not skilled, not coming  here to work, they come for a better life, free health services and monetary support.  Those that do want to work are not allowed to, that may change, but in the main they will not be able to speak enough english to make any valid contribution, will be a drain on resources.

    Was the majority vote more about the ineptness, disreagard for what the nation needed, wanted   and the  avarice of Cameron and his cronies rather than a basic hatred of the the EU.

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    June 25, 2016 3:11 PM BST
    Crissie Thanks for your thoughts on the "out." I was concerned. Where will the UK go from here - or is the end of  UK?
    xxoo Gracie
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    June 25, 2016 6:26 PM BST

    It may well be, Gracie.  Folks in Northern Ireland are not happy, and as for Scotland.  They as a nation has been denied the political future that the VAST majority wanted.  Even London and around had the sense to vote remain.  Well, good luck to those who voted out!

  • June 25, 2016 7:05 PM BST

    I see major problems, with border control, if Scotland joins the EU alone, will England have to  then control the borders between Scotland and England, EU migrant workers can then legitamately travel to Scotland, how will the English side control the travel from the South coast to the North?   The same applies to some extent, the unregulated border between The Republic of Ireland and the North.   What will happen if Scotland opts into the Euro currency?


    To be honest, I was 50 - 50 Stay or leave, but my thoughts were more about more control of our own laws and rights as a nation, the pedantic attitude of other member states, rules and laws that gave criminals more rights than the aggrieved.   It's reported that Cameron was astute and not forgetting he introduced the same sex marriage laws, (not to be confused with civil partnership) BUT when one reads the exceptions and limitations the law is unworkable, anyone who belongs to a church can lodge a form of veto to prevent the use of a church for same sex marriage, based on religous grounds, more ill thought out and useless laws.   It's only when one sits down and examines all the real issues that one realises the implications, ramifications of the out vote.   I have ust spent 4 years studying law, my aim was to use the laws that were applicable to the transgendered, the basis of the EHRC, will that now be a waste of time, when Boris comes up with more of the same crap who do we appeal to?

  • June 25, 2016 7:19 PM BST

    I need to edit this and here is why. I started to type this and my phone went so I answered it. I came back to finish my post not knowing Crissie had responded above.

    In my opinion it is going to be a fresh start for the UK. The markets will recover and the UK is a strong nation , the people have spoken because we have had enough of the EU and it's laws and rules "Imposed on us".


    This could be the start of the end of the EU though , other countries within the EU will see that when the initial shock is over they can follow and do the same. It is a sinking ship and is getting worse and we just saw sense and jumped into the life boat before the ship sinks. The Great in Great Britian is what we are taking back. Now we need a good solid government and leader who understands that we had enough of obeying orders from Brussels and we make our own laws and rules.Of course the laws are not perfect but there is no reason why they cannot be changed or updated. We still have laws dating back to the 14th century and new people coming into the law profession with a passion for change for the better need to have their voices heard and I doubt Brussels is bothered.  I voted out because I believe we deserve better.

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    June 26, 2016 12:17 PM BST

    Hi Julia, The obvious major problem with the OUT vote is that its outcome denies the country of the "good solid government and leader" you speak of.The Referendum was legitimately hijacked [Trojan Horse style]by a unification of politically dissassociated people  who wanted to register genuine concerns aswell as less genuine considered views and gut feeling.A mish mash of different political agendas and fringe interests unified by a single question "imposed on us".Potentially the out vote may well  result in the imposition of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.Personally I dont like the  idea of BOJO  "imposed on us".


    Many of the Servants of our political and economic systems which man the Bilge pumps , seem to be jumping ship .afterall who wants to drown.Its a fresh start ,swim for your life .Sounds desperate.-Tragically many migrants have faced true desperation though.On a relative Scale the UK should not have been diverted by this short sighted political ineptness overEU.Afterall we do infact have a lot of control over our lives RELATIVE to many other countries in which the level of poltical imposition is far more extreme.

    Consider how the country would vote in a general election now,? Looks like the politicians have truly failed in giving the public no choice in who runs the country  now.

    We may well deserve better as you say,but  the sights should now be set on getting a basic stable Government that can work in Europe,.Anyone who voted leave implicitly voted for the current destabilization and aftermath of Division including the break up of the UK.

    Personally I believe the referendum was uneccesary ,and Toxic from the onset in that it would cause a weak unstable UK government.The Issues of Immigration,economic stability Health and social resources are not going to go away or be fudged.We need a Stabel Government in place to deal with these right NOW.

  • June 26, 2016 1:46 PM BST

    Hi Donna. Firstly my vote was based on my personal opinions of how the EU has stuck it's nose into just about everything it can concerning the UK. I should have not used the letters UK because we have not been a United Kingdom for some time now. Remember it was Scotland that wanted to break away from the UK so I put it to you and anyone else that it was them who started this. I wonder if Scotland had not wanted to break away from us would the EU referendum even had happend? It was them who put ideas into other peoples heads.


    I have not done the maths but if the EU referendum had been for England alone the out vote would have been higher , I actually think a lot higher and has anyone stopped to think about that?.

    I have no clue how old you are as I have not looked at your profile but I can remember the days before the UK joined the EU and life was much better then. What right has the EU got to impose a 5% tax on every energy bill in this country? That includes yours , it is putting businesses out of business not in. It may sound crazy but why can I not buy a can of fly killer that actually kills flies? Because the EU says so because according to them it harms the bee's , I do not want to spray my bloody garden with the stuff just the occasional fly that comes through my window into my home. Last year they then started saying we cannot have powerful vacuum cleaners and then they done the same with hair dryers. Those are just a few out of thousands of silly rules they make up and who benefits? Them.


    As for Boris becoming Prime Minister? Go put a bet on me getting the job because it is more likely.

    What you and everyone else in this country (and world) are witnessing is a new start. Yes the political parties are falling apart and they will be put back together with better leaders giving us a better choice, they know the British people now and know what they want. The goverment and all MP's have all had the biggest smack around the head for decades , now they will wake up and listen , if that means fresh people and even some younger people that can only be a good thing.

    Most of you long term members know my education ended when I was 12 years old so that makes me as thick as sh*t but I know right from wrong. I did not listen to either sides lies in the debates I made my decision on what I already knew. I made my decision on what it was like before and what it is in the EU. I made my decision on the belief that if this country stayed in the EU we would eventually be dragged down with them when they go down "when" not if because it will happen.


    I may be thick as far as education goes but I look at things from all sides. My vote was not a selfish one it was for a better future for the next generation. My vote will not make me better off but look back on this in 5 years , maybe sooner and tell me I was wrong.


    Again , Scotland started this lets have a referendum idea and theirs failed and now they say this one failed so they now want another one. Scotland is a lovely place but they can't have a referendum everytime things do not go their way , people will get sick of it. If they have another one which looks likely that will be a hat trick and all own goals , good luck to them.


    Take care , Julia x


    PS: I do not use spellcheck so I apolgise for any spelling mistakes.

  • June 29, 2016 10:38 PM BST

    What may have happened also is that the general public are not as stupid as the politicians have taken us all for & that they have had enough, voted out of the EU out of spite to show that most of these politicians are out of touch with the public. It is also possible that this referendum was the final straw also because now we should be able to have our own decisions about what matters to us in our own country. I doubt that any of the current EU countries will want to stop trading with us as we are a main importer as we do not have anything to export left... It was a shock (NOT !!!) to see that the pre-vote exchange rates have returned from the inital slump after the leave victory. The thing is here I very much doubt that any of us will know what will happen by the time we have left the EU dependant on how long it takes to exit.

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  • June 29, 2016 10:52 PM BST

    Simple the pound loses against other currencies, our exports become cheaper, now we will not have to pay an extra levy to the EU to import New zealand lamb, American beef, Coffee from Brazil, etc, etc. it will make purchaes more competative world wide.

  • June 29, 2016 11:50 PM BST

    I stated in my post above to Donna that I have more chance of becoming the new leader of the conservative's than Boris.

    They put Boris ahead in the polls and favourite in the bookmakers. Pre EU Referendum the polls said remain will win and , the bookmakers said remain would win. Who makes money out of predicting things wrong? The bookmakers and the Government leaders. I still very much doubt Boris has any chance of winning. Our economy will be fine if not beter in a years time. Osbourne's threat of a brexit win budget did not happen , they are all liars and tried to scare us but the public saw through that. Our pound is recovering and will continue to. This country can be great again and we do not to pay the EU to do that , in fact in the long term we will be much better off.