A huge hello

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    July 5, 2016 3:59 AM BST

    Hello,I am Alex and a transgendered MTF.For a long time,I always felt that I was born the wrong gender.I was even in the closet too with this for a long time.I finally came out in May and my parents were shocked knowing there was something wrong with me in the past.So far they are adjusting to the changes slowly and have come to terms I am finally happy.Married and my wife knew there was something not right about me at all.She has decided to stay with me and things are going good with us.I currently live and dress as female now,could not live as my old male self anymore.Seeing a therapist and I do want to transition.I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria.Therapist says I am almost ready for the hormones including the male hormone blockers which will be hopefully next month.Plan to go through the whole transition including the GRS.In the past I was teased and picked on a lot and it was painful.