Finally got to making a thread

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    October 30, 2016 1:16 PM GMT
    I'm not new to forums, just this one. I'm Tobi and I'm a FtM trans guy. I came out early March of 2014 to my friends and coworkers and then to my family November of the same year. This year I've finally resolved myself to take hormones and change my name. I've been searching my area for trans support groups but they are scarce and the ones that do exist are run by those who prefer to use it as a clique. Support for trans men are especially difficult because it seems that people only care about trans women. So I'm hoping to find some experienced t-guys here.

    Other than that uhm, I'm a nerd. I'm in to DnD, video games, cosplay, and the MCU. I write in my spare time. I'm part of a volunteer group called the "coming out monologues" which discusses with other people your experience in coming out to family, society, or just other experiences involving the LGBT community. I like wolves and Mel Brooks films. I have a cat named Bento. That's all I guess