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    Wednesday, January 18 - 3:32 AM UK Metro - Richard Hartley
    Forget the battle between cyclists, drivers and pedestrians - the war of today is between prams and wheelchairs on buses. The Supreme Court will today rule whether disabled travellers are legally entitled...


    Does this absolve bus companies from contract law.

    The bus driver is the representative of the bus company, passengers pre-pay for their journey on a top up card, as soon as they swipe the card and the fare is deducted from the balance on the card, a contract exists, so over  say the first five stops, the bus is full includeing standing people and a puschair  in the disabled space,, can the driver then eject a number of passengers and the person with a pushchair to make space for a disabled persons wheelchair.


    In london this would mean that when they get on the folowing bus they have to swipe thier card again, now they have paid twice, now say on this second bus after another two stops another person in a wheelchair demanded to get on the bus?

    Cristine Jennifer Shye.  B/L.  B/Acc
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