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    • June 6, 2017 10:49 AM BST
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      Love poem(s)

      Hi all! Just a quick note to introduce myself, I am a somewhat gender-challenged girl (no thoughts of transitioning, I am a bit of a mess but I am used to it), and landed on this forum while looking for input for a partly autobiographical story... It seemed rude to lurk in the shadows though, with so much personal stuff being posted, so I signed up.

      The poem below (sorry it's a bit long, it's actually several separate fragments strung together), was part of a sci/fi story, and bits and pieces of it have been published here and there, but I don't think anyone has ever read the whole of it (not sure if anyone wants to, lol), so here it goes... hope you find some lines you like. :)

      A song for Laz’law

      Deeper and darker
      Ever deeper – ever darker
      Where the night gathers and wavers
      On the edge of my trembling eyelids
      There - chasing the sweetest/smoothest
      Curve of your body
      The most sacred
      The most precious
      There - a spark a shimmer a twinkle
      Firefly - fireworks - firewall
      All the scattering light of sunrise
      Upon your silent shadow

      Oh darkest angel
      God of the endless hour
      What surge in your savage blood
      What shudder in your dolphin back
      What wandering song in your rootless heart
      Made the night shimmer
      Silver bright - blinding
      Among the uneven stars?

      Do you remember
      When you strode out of the murmuring shadows
      Into the sun
      Of that disbelieving morning -

      Three and three hundred angels
      From the towering gates of eternal bliss
      And paid homage - to the twin curve of your haunches

      Every bent bright head
      With merciless desire

      Every pure heart - seared
      By the scorching black fire (dragon kiss)
      Of your glaring eyes

      These searing eyes – your eyes
      Of what black black stone
      Were they wrought?
      In what panther-marked silk
      Was your dark skin cut?
      The awful grace of your haunches
      In what blast-bright forge was it twisted?
      And the rising coil of your thighs
      On what mighty wheel was it thrown
      And from what wondrous clay?

      Yours is the first winter star
      In its dark mantle
      Yours is the wind in the shadow-trees
      And the voice of the rushing grasses
      Yours is the falling dusk - and the rising moon
      And yours is the moonlight
      On the rippling sands of Arnia
      And the starry splendor of the Milky Way
      As it bends its scattered brightness
      Over the desert dunes

      Yours is the great boundless sky above
      From star to countless star - forever

      As yours is my trembling heart
      My love – my love –

      Oh darkness upon darkness upon darkness
      Son of the ineffable obscurity
      Keeper of the thundering bells of nightfall
      On the pathless dunes of your spine
      My spellbound soul is lost – astray

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