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  • Topic: U.S. Leaders Have a New Agenda

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    • August 27, 2017 5:25 AM BST
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      U.S. Leaders Have a New Agenda

      Recent years have seen a lot of changes in the U.S. Trans community. We've found ourselves the center of attention and in many ways that was a good thing and well to be honest, it still is. The more visibility the trans community receives the more society becomes aware. Lately things in the U.S. have taken a turn for the worse. And that's okay. I have faith in the American people but not so much in the current leader of this fine country. His narrow minded views seem to be taking us back a decade or two. 

      This leader cannot change the mindset of a nation. He can only slow the progress he opposes. He is not the leader of a nation but the leader of a business and America is so much more than that. The trans community has survived much worse and we will survive his narrow minded obsessions.  

      Live to Love....Love to Live

    • September 22, 2017 7:27 PM BST
    • (Moderator)
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      Untitled title

      Sorry that it has taken a while for me to read your post. I appreciate you for saying what is happening. Unfortunately this nation is losing its creditability worldwide - let's hope we'll get it back.


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