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    October 5, 2017 10:26 AM BST

    The problem is that, when you are looking for fiction, as soon as you put in "Transgender" into the search engine, you end up with works from such literary giants as Candi Banger with plot lines along the lines of "My wife turned me into a Sissy Maid".  


    So who is good out there?  Which authors are worth reading?  OK, a list of some viable resources time:


    This artist does storyboard comics.  Good artwork with a Comicon feel.  


    Tanya Allan does some good work.  There are a few not so good, but overall there are some nice transition stories from this author.  Good for a giggle and viable plot lines.

    Melanie-Brown has done some good work.  The Reluctant series is OK, but I quite like the Office Bet.  There is an American vibe about the books which include a good exploration of gender and stereotypes.  Good for an easy read.  Aimed at the teen market.

    This author is famous for the Gabby books.  Quite a manga feel to these, but generally nice books.  Teen market again, but you get some good books in this genre.

    This is one of the better authors that I have come across.  Her Trudy Books are the backbone of her showcase.  However, there are spin offs in the Trudi universe - Owning Lilly, which is a really good read.    Castle Murkie, To Love and Love Not and Suddenly this Summer are really good.  UK/France based mostly.

    Two books so far from this author.  The first one, Frills, will give you type 2 diabetes just from reading it.  However, the Late Night Princess is good.  Worth a look.  Very American Mid West


    Another Teen genre.  She is quite good, although her subjects have been described as too intelligent.  I quite like "A Necessary Fiction", The On the Road Again series is quite good.  Its all good.  There is even a bit of fantasy with Fool Moon.  Mid West American again, but a good author.


    A mid West American author again.  This is aimed at teens.  A bit too nice to be real.  But OK.

    UK based author.  Very good.  Very gritty.  There are a few lemons that are basically femdom sissy stories, but there are also a few notable works here.  Limited Choices, Haven't you Heard the Rumours? Kyle, are good.  My favorite from this author is "A walk on the Wild Side".  A good plot and characterization.  It goes into the psychological aspects.


    American Mid West.  A good, but not outstanding American teen story writer.  Good for a read.


    The Red Ribbons is a good, if weird book.  Set in the 60s, its all about fashion to some degree.  Symphony in Pink is similar.  A good series of books.


    Prom Changes Everything is a good read.  Quite disturbing in places, but a really good book.  OK, American Mid West time.  But still good.  Some Non consensual action at the start, but really good anyway.  High Heals in a Minefield is another goodie.  A bit like Gabie the Anamie Days is still good.  OK I liked it a lot.


    Russel Frank is a good author from the UK and tends towards the NC/Reluctant style.  The Boy Who Was a Bridesmaid and The Boy in a Bakini are examples of this.  However, a really good work is "The Boy in the Red Dress.  Good and gritty.  Nice to read and good characters.


    Another UK author.  Very good.


    This is one of the greats.  Katie Leone does American Mid West, but there are some really nice shorts.  The Pink Pajamas is a must read.  There are also some really hard to read and gritty novels here.  God Bless The Child and Unreachable are two must read series.  Difficult reads, but worth it.


    There you are.  A few to think on.






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    October 8, 2017 5:22 PM BST

    J. K. Pendragon writes fantasy, fairy-tale-ish romance with delightfully queer characters.


    And, ahem, I know it's terribly poor taste to pimp my own book, but since it's getting rather nice reviews, maybe you might like to check it out, Woman as a Foreign Language, by Katherine Wyvern. (if any moderator feels that this part of my post should be deleted, no hard feelings, really!)

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    October 14, 2017 10:47 PM BST

    Do you have a link?



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    October 15, 2017 7:05 AM BST

    J.K. Pendragon books on Goodreads

    (Several titles have different takes of transgender characters in fantasy settings, which I find refreshing!)


    And my own beasty is...

    Woman as Foreign Language on Amazon

    And on Goodreads



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    October 18, 2017 1:26 PM BST

    I just finished reading  the book "Woman as a Foreign Language" that Katia mentioned and it is OMG good!  

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    October 18, 2017 1:26 PM BST

    I just finished reading  the book "Woman as a Foreign Language" that Katia mentioned and it is OMG good!  It made me squirm and sigh in all the right places.

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    October 22, 2017 9:10 PM BST

     OK, I have found it on UK Amazon.  I will give it a go on payday.

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    October 22, 2017 9:35 PM BST

    Having a retro moment.  I just watched Flashdance for the first time in ages.  I forgot how good that film was, well the music anyway.  I also forgot how many letch shots the cameraman took.  Other than that, a good movie.

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    October 23, 2017 8:58 PM BST

    Ok, I have to ask... is it just coincidence that you are mentioning Flashdance now?

    The main character in my book (a girl) is a welder, and that's three people who mention Flashdance to me lately, so if it is a coincidence, I'm a little bit scared, lol.