Opposites - Karin Bishop

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    October 15, 2017 11:17 PM BST

    This is quite a neat little story.  American high school I am afraid.  It centers around the idea of Spirit week, where four friends get together, two male and two female and decide to dress as the other sex.  So far so good.  Male 1, it transpires is transgender and we get to see glimpses of this during dressing up preparations before opposites day, while Male 2 goes along under protest to support his friend.  Bu the twist is that Male 2 is also transgender but has been in denial.  So, as is common with Karins work, we have lots of mother daughter discoveries.  The father is the bad guy of the piece by the way.  You will also find other commonalities in Karins work, like shopping in the mall, or first outings.  Anyway, it is a nice story of discovery and although boys are mentioned, it is really quite a sweet story.  


    It has been said that Karins heroines are too intelligent and you have lots of examples of this as they try to rationalize their situation through conversations with friends and parents.  But overall Karins work is nice and easy to read.