A Walk on the Wild Side - Janet Nichola James

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    October 22, 2017 9:46 PM BST

    This is a really good story.  One of my favorites in fact.  Janet Nichola James can write some touch and go stuff.  Sometimes you get reluctant/nc gay fem, with the humiliation angle.  So not brilliant.  However, this book is different. An effeminate man is attacked on the way home from a night out by a gang of youths.  Severe damage to his genitals means that he loses the use of his male anatomy and ends up without balls.  He has a high estrogen count, so basically he starts to transition. 


    This is different than your usual transition story.  A lot of regret, self doubt, growing awareness and acceptance.  The psychological aspects are quite good, apart from the good doctor using the COGIATI test.  Other than that, a good read, viable plot and a few tear jerk moments.  Not your usual transition with unicorns and bunnies and not a cheer leading practice in site.