If I married a man

  • November 12, 2017 6:01 PM GMT
    A woman answers

    Q  Why do you women spend so much time on the phone, chatting about clothes and shoes, to your     friends.

    A.   Because you men have no real sense of priorities.


    Q.   Husband, Why does it take you so long to get ready when we go out.

    A,    I like to look nice for you, and take pride in my appearance, you should try it sometime. and make other women envious of me.


    Q.   Why is it you remember everyting, especially after an argument.

    A.   Because I pay attention, you should make the same effort.


    Q.   Why do you think I'm a bloody mindreader?

    A.   There you are you just proved you don't listen to a thing I say.


    Q.   Why do you spend so long  chating  to your friends so much when we go to a party.

    A.   We have proper converastions, beyond the ''did you see the game on tele last night''


    Q.   Whats your obsession with candles and dim lights when we have sex?

    A.    Because it cast a shadow under your fat belly and hides your shrivelled up willy.


    Q.   Why do you order salad and then eat most of my chips?

    A.    see imediately above.


    Q.    Why do you spend hours shopping and come back with nothing.

    A.     I have taste and won't settle for just any old crap.


    Q.    Why the F did you marry me.

    A.    Lets not go there.


    Q.    Are you having a lesbian affair, you spend so much time with her.

    A.    No we have things in common, inteligence.


    Q.   Why do you women always go to the loo in pairs.

    A.   Because the que for the ladies is always so long, its nice to break up the monotomy and tedium, we chat.


    Q.   Why the F do you buy clothes and never wear them.

    A.    Wear them YET.


    Q.    Why do you wear makeup even when your just going shopping?

    A.     Cos one of my friends saw you in the DIY shoip and said you realy looked rough and unkempt.


    Q.    Fancy a romantic evening.

    A.    Make it tomorow, I have run out of candles.