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  • Topic: Canary Wharf Cocktails with The Boudoir London

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    • November 29, 2017 11:47 AM GMT
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      Canary Wharf Cocktails with The Boudoir London

      Last week Chantelle Nicole recently came to the Boudoir for an evening trip with me to enjoy cocktails in Canary Wharf. She had a fabulous evening and she has sent us an even more fabulous testimonial. Thank you very much Chantelle!

      'Chantelle enjoyed a beautiful makeover followed by Sky High cocktails at Canary Wharf with Jodie, the most beautiful girl in the world. I loved every second of my rendezvous on Wednesday last - time stood still for me....I first met Jodie 12 months ago (so this is our first anniversary...) , and I have since spent over 22 hours in her delightful and welcoming company. Considering I am 180 miles away, this is pretty impressive I think.... !

      But then Jodie is very special...Until a year ago, I only used to go out as Chantelle after 2AM. living in fear. After leaving home, I would nervously walk 100 yards and then return home quickly, as I was too frightened to continue in case I was stopped by the law or by intoxicated students. Trips out with Jodie have boosted my confidence enormously as I would have been be far too timid to enter restaurants on my own, in case I was ridiculed or mocked.

      Jodie gives me confidence, knowing that she is there to support me and engage in very pleasant chat. I feel proud to be out in public with Jodie, and strangers do not notice you if you are with a beautiful companion - you are just two girls out for cocktails or a meal, not a solitary diner who will draw attention to yourself...So I would encourage any girls who visit The Boudoir to go out dining or cocktails with Jodie. You will have a great time and feel much better about yourself !'

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