Hi from Switzerland!

  • July 21, 2018 4:15 PM BST

    Hi people,
    I found this resource on internet and I dediced to try looking for someone else like me.
    I started crossdressing in my early 20s and did it with pleasure and success: it started as a Halloween joke (as for many others, I guess) and it went on for years.
    I have never been secretive about it but social stigma prevented me from doing it on daily basis.

    My opinion is that crossdressing is just dressing. Makeup, clothes, shoes, wigs: this has nothing to do with sex, for me. I am a man and feel like a man whatever I am wearing. I love female clothing and I am super fetishist abuto female shoes. I love women's body shape and I never liked men at all. 
    This puzzles most of men but, thankfully, not many women. That's one more reason to love women: they understand that I can love them even wearing fishnets and platform wedges and a bright wig.

    I have pretty different and personal opinions on what is crossdressing or transgenderism, and often I have been bashed because of my opinions. It's my view on this world and I have the right to see things in my way. 

    So, if in the future I will say things you find offensive or unpleasant, please forgive me and believe me when I say it's nothing against anyone, and it's purely my opinion.