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    • October 12, 2018 2:03 PM BST
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      NOT AGAIN FFS Fridays Papers

      While genuine male to female trans-gendered languish in men's prisons, having fully transitioned, living the life, the prison authorities failed to recognise an  obvious impostor, a serial rapist, a child abuser, based on their previous criminal record.   Karen White, according to reports hadn't even begun to transition prior to her incarceration, being transferred to a woman's prison upon her/his own declaration.

      The prison authorities have the duty to establish a trans claimants genuine status, for that person's safety, well being and the protection of that person and other detainees.   Is it political correctness, gone mad or just plain incompetence that they keep getting it so wrong?


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    • October 14, 2018 9:02 PM BST
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      Untitled title

      I am not sure why White would have been transferred to a womens prison.  They usually won't do that unless the prisoner is post op.  Usually such prisoners are placed in a VP wing or specialist prison.  It is not normal to offer hormones unless they were taking them prior to prison.


      You do get a few prisoners who will declare themselves trans simply to get a single cell or access to more products on the canteen.  The thing is though, all sex offenders tend to be manipulative, since that is usually how they will gain what they want from a victim (I know, nothing like generalisation, but that statement tends to be the main thing to consider when dealing with an offender, either as a PO or contractor.), so having the fact that White was manipulative - Duh.


      The thing that the papers will not report is that there are a number of genuine trans prisoners within the UK system (around 80 at the moment).  As I said, they are usually in male prisons, but will be in the VP wing and will only be transferred to a female prison if they are post op.  Usually, so god knows what was happening here.



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