alice in NWKANSAS

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    November 11, 2018 4:20 PM GMT

    well to begin i am older then most of you. (65) then there's this gender thing, it all started with a costume club called "Acting Out" club and for $100 per year you got to go to 4 party's that was 1980 and for the Christmas party everyone had to do a skit, which was great idea TILL they announced the theme " switch gender " now the group i was in was 4 ladies and me. they were thrilled. fast forward to the night of the party, the gals had come up with a skit of >Johnny b Good join the army and left his GIRL {wink wink} behind. she sit on the front porch and gets visits from the mail man,the local cop, then the two men with the flag. 3 hrs before hand i am standing in my living room shaved legs and all the FEMALE equipment that a 50's gal would wear, yes every thing! one of the ladies had wigs so that was easy, but THANK GOD for bab's she had been a makeup artist for one of the movie studios in Cal. into the chair, and whoosh she did her magic and i do mean magic! when done i was allowed to see myself in the full leght mirror! HOLY COW! where did this WOMAN come from i was fabulious. we took 2nd place and decided to get coffee afterwards, while we sat  and talked i was approiched by not 1 but 5 men that wanted me to "LEAVE THESE OLD FARTS"

    i never felt like that again, it was 2016 i was thinking of doing the deed and ending it all when that tiny voice said "When were you the happiess?" bam that night in 1980, it took another year to accept ALICE was going to come out! now! i am learning everythiing i can to be the best LADY i can. NO i will never be a skinny model, BUT i sure can pass as someone AUNTIE!