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Sandrena Trandermal Gel Questions

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  • Hi Gender Society. Jessica here. I'm returning to first check in and say I hope those left in this world who know me and even those who don't but are part of this community are doing ok during these trying times with Covid-19.  It's been ages it feels like. Miss you all! I'm doing ok myself . Ups and downs and constant financial difficulties but hey thats part of life for many of us right? heh..  I'm happy for each day that comes my way and hoping we all can say the same. Well onto my post.. 

    So I am not sure if anyone will see this as it seems the forums are pretty seldom used these days but I'm going to try anyways because I wanted some opinions if by chance anyone has any knowledge on the matter.

    Maybe some of you are aware that because of covid there was a shortage in supply of transdermal estrogen products the last 6 months and in particular for the transdermal patches. I looked up why and apparently it was not the estrogen itself but had to do with the adhesive/ binding agent that disperses the estrogen into the skin being in short supply. I've been on 200 mcg patch for like 9 years now and I could not obtain them in the last 4 months so I had to order Sandrena 1 mg Gel. 

    I studied up on it and it appears 1 mg of sandrena is the equivalent of only 50mcg patch which means I have to apply 4 satchets of this stuff a day which is a pain in the butt not to mention like 3 times as expensive for me. This is not good for my pocketbook at all and work has been even harder to come by for me these days as I am a gig worker. 

    Anyways the typical placement is on the inner thighs , abdominal area, and butt. I do that and it seems to work ok but I'm going though my supply wayy too fast and dreading the prospect of running out and being unable to buy more before I can save up. (the good news is I think the patch supplies are now being replentished in the world and coming back on the shelves)

    My question is during my research I noticed a study being touted on Reddit in the trans section about how some girls are using gells doing scrotal application. No where on the directions does it say to do this and it specifically says not to apply on breasts too because of cancer concerns. Apparently breast cancer risks go up if it is applied there. On these reddit posts they always link to some transfemscience study here Genital Application of Estradiol as a Powerful Transdermal Route for Transfeminine People | Transfeminine Science (

    t says that scrotal application is 5 times as powerful thereby reducing the amount of gell needed thereby saving transgender women a lot of money for their dosing regime. I've not had an orchiectomy so feisibly this could work for me but I'm hesitant because I worry if there are risks of increase in possible cancer there or something. I just wanted to try here and see if anyone has any possible insight on this matter. Theoretically it could save my costs / extend this supply I have for 6 months if I can get away applying just 1 mg of Sandrena scrotally each day.  

    Just a shot in the dark. I'm desperate enough to probably start trying this and see how I react. I plan on returning to patches asap but need to save up enough which will take me like 4 or 5 months. Anyone have any thoughts about this method or heard of this before. As I said I found this info on Reddit and it is not a place I trust too much. I do have a doctor I use at a clinic but that clinic has been closed due to covid for a year now. Facepalm. It is definintely an off label style of usage so am unsure. Anyways thats all. LOL I find it sort of funny I come back after years and my 1st post back is about slathering my balls with estrogen but its the situation at hand. 

    If no one responds.. perhaps I will do a follow up if I attempt this due to my supply and demand issues I'm facing. 
    Jessica Nova
      March 1, 2021 9:51 AM GMT
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    Just... nonsense. Don't put it there.
    Have you tried Oestrogel? It might work out cheaper than Sandrena and comes in a pump bottle; those sachets are a fiddly nuisance.
      March 1, 2021 7:04 PM GMT
  • Hi Lucy. The issue is I bought Sandrena already and have 7 boxes of 28 satchets. I guess I was hoping this method being spouted on Reddit had some truth to it and I could save money on my dosages but the more I research it the more it seems I can find NOTHING to back it up besides one study on men with prostate cancer. Most people backing the estrogen theory of scrotal administration are without evidence linking it to a proven study for men using androgel who administer it there. Their thinking is because it works with testosterone it will work with estrogen. I think they are jumping the gun and until I hear or see real scientific proof I am with you on not making a habit of placing it there. 

    I tried it for 4 days and I could tell I was getting E into me (but you can put it anywhere on body skin and get absorption.) The reason I will not be staying with this method is concern for cancer down there and also there is no fat reservoir there. I have no evidence to back this up but my logic is scrotal administration will give a fast blood spike in E but also have a very fast drop off rate. The body likes a continuous flow of E to maintain its feminization benifits. This is why they say to apply to the abdomen and the butt. The both hold fatty tissue and estrogen in fat causes a slow steady release and acts as a reservoir.  

    I was so happy to see your reply Lucy! Thank you so much!! I respect your opinion a ton when it comes to these things. I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well during all this mess with covid these days. Hopefully soon we all can get back to normal. I'm signed up and waiting to be called for the vaccine so hope this thing goes away for all of us. 

    (Oh also as far as my hrt supply I'm going to be ok with that too because in the states here Biden just passed a new stimulus check for $1400 which gives me the funds I need. I am on a waiting list for the transdermal patch but they are still out of stock. Looks like one month or so and they will return. Until then 4 stachets of sandrena 2 x a day. I like the gell too, no glue lft behind but it is twice as expensive for sandrena. I'll research the oestrogell, maybe it is cheaper.)

    Thanks again!

    xxx Jessica
    Jessica Nova
      March 8, 2021 11:33 PM GMT
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    Upper arms, thighs, butt, abdomen, back: you have plenty of choices. My doctor advises varying between these locations, not using the same area each day, though i'm not sure why.
    Large areas of skin where you can spread the gel around; maximum surface area will give you best absorption. Avoid genitals and breasts, this should be clear from the instructions.
    I do despair sometimes about the amount of misinformation on internet groups. 
      March 14, 2021 10:40 AM GMT