coming out to my girl friend

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    June 20, 2021 10:58 AM BST
    My girl friend & I shared an apartment together not long after we first met. She didn't have a clue that I loved dressing as a woman. One day while my girl friend was working, I was unemployed at the time collecting the insurance, a female friend of mine whom I've known for years stopped by. We were sitting around drinking & talking, my friend told me she was gay, that didn't bother me any so I can't say why I did it but I did, I told her about my dressing up as a girl. She asked me to dress up for her so I did. She was pretty impressed at how well I looked as a girl, she told me she could help me so that no one would be able to tell I was a guy. I agreed to let her do her thing to me, we met at her place for the next two weeks, where she showed me how to walk, talk & act like a girl. After about the fifth week, she said she was ready to make me look completely like a woman. I arrived at her house early that day, I was already totally hairless, had my toes polished bright red, I had on panties, a bra & suntan pantyhose. She had me take off my male clothes then she gave me a long sleeve, red, velvet, mini dress to put on then had me sit in a chair by the sink in the kitchen. There was a knock on her door & in came her friend who went to school for hair & makeup. She took over on me, she washed my hair then put some foul smelling stuff on it, she then took me over to a makeup table where she worked her magic. After three hours I was allowed to see myself, my shoulder length brown hair was now all curly & it streaks of blond all thru it, my face looked so feminine with all of the makeup & the pencil thin lines I had for eyebrows that had a high arch in them & the big, oversized, silver hoop earrings swinging from my newly pierced ears. The girls got me some heels, a purse & some other jewelry then put me in the car & drove me home. I sat & waited for my girlfriend to come home. When she did come home she was shocked, first she looked at my long, bright red finger nails & toes & asked me if they were acrylics, I said yes, she told me I was going to have to stay dressed as a girl for at least a month until the nails wore off, I was in heaven. Two weeks later my girlfriend came home early & caught me sucking the guy next door off.
  • November 7, 2021 5:30 AM GMT
    So then what happened and did he like it?