British social attitudes survey

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    September 21, 2023 7:55 AM BST
    There is an interesting article in today’s Guardian reporting the findings of the latest British social attitudes (BSA) survey. Over the past 40 years, Britain has become a much more liberal society. We are significantly more tolerant on a range of issues including attitudes to abortion, same-sex relationships, and gender roles in the home. All very encouraging.

    Unfortunately the survey notes a sharp decline in support for trans people. This has only been measured since 2016 but shows a fall in the proportion described as “not prejudiced” towards trans people, and a fall in support for the right to change the sex on your birth certificate. Acceptance levels overall are higher for the younger age group (aged 18–34) and for women.

    The survey report suggests that this may result from increased political debate and media discussion, prompting more ambivalent attitudes among the public. The socially-conservative policies of successive Tory governments may also be partly responsible. It’s obvious that the “War on Woke” is aimed at trans people in particular. It all suggests that being trans is now the last taboo in British society.