The Year of the New Women

  • December 4, 2004 10:20 PM GMT
    I think writing a book and it being published would be great...but I cant wait to see the movie version
  • December 4, 2004 10:19 PM GMT
    As I dream of some day being a book writer I submit one of my favorite fantasy stories in a shortened version...see what you think...

    In the year is 2008, the world has just started recovering from years of war and a total collapse of all governments. As a new world government is being formed one of their first major concerns is a disease that has spread unchecked worldwide over the years. The disease which affects women and their ability to have children has infected the entire female population. As the new world government searches for a cure to this disease a secretly formed group of scientists are formed to create "new women" from the population. These "new women" will be created using healthily males which either have the desire to become a woman or have genetic traits which make them desirable candidates. We have the technology to create female sex organs which can then be surgically added to the human body. At first this was hoped to help the women who had become infected with the disease that made them unable to have children. However, the body once infected, would also have the same effects on the new organs. So the organs will be used to create the "new women" from the male population. Males from all around the world were gathered up and brought to a secret lab which had two functions, 1. The secret training and transformation of males into "new women" 2. The ability to keep the "new women" in a clean non-infectious environment for breeding purposes.

    The males that arrive at the complex are brought into the reception area where they remove all male clothing and then step into the first containment area where they are washed down with a special solution which removes all partials of the outside world and any possible traces of disease. The males then walk through a scanning room which would detect any traces of the disease. Into the next room the "new women" males are given their first allotment of clothing. From this day forth they are only allowed to wear women’s clothing. Into the next room they are given their first of many injections which will aid the scientists to prepare the males in becoming "new women". The injections are advanced estrogen compounds which upon being injected begin a process of reversing male features and bring about female characteristics. This is necessary so that males that are later brought into the compound for mating will find the "new women" desirable and attractive mates. The "new women" males are then fitted for a training collar which aids in the highly demanding and disciplined training. The collar which looks much like an attractive choker is an electro shock collar. This can inflict a convincing shock to an offender of rules or to get your attention when being instructed.

    The "new women" males are then assigned quarters where they will live together in a dorm. They learn that every day they are expected to attend feminization training which is conducted by women who have been selected to train the "new women" and prepare them for mating. The women instructor/trainers can not come in contact with the "new women" but monitor their every movement with the use of cameras and are always watchful and always instructing their every movement. The "new women" males soon learn that there is no where they can go without being seen and instructed by the instructor/trainers. Always reminded to sit when they need to pee, walk a certain way, talk a certain way and there is always a shock from the shock collar before being instructed. The "new women" males could see results of the injections they were taking the very next day as body hair would be on their beds, many noticed pain in their breasts and crotch. Many noticed that their balls had shrinkage to the size of a pea. They all talked to one another as they stood in line for their injections, noticing how each of them already looked different. The training and instructing continued until on the 4th day all of the "new women" males which by now were nearly transformed by the injections were then prepared for their surgeries the next day. Female organs that were created in the lab by using the "new women" males DNA for perfect matching to the "new women". A new set of injections were given to the "new women" males which would make them rest comfortably and basically have them in a suspended state during their operations and days after the surgeries.

    The next day, all of the "new women" males were brought into the operation complex where the operations were performed by robotic arms programmed for the exacting procedures. A total replacement of the sternum, alteration of the ribs and removal of male sex organs all of which too place at the same time with the first 100 "new women" males. The last procedure of the robots was to add the female organs attaching the organs so that everything would be where it was as if they had been born that way. Within only minutes the first 100 "new women" are wheeled out the operation complex to the "new women" beautification complex. This is where the "new women" are to further enhance and made attractive to insure successful mating. Advanced hair growth machines are used to stimulate hair follicles and produce desired hair length for each "new woman". Breast enlargements were conducted, ear piercing was conducted and some received special body piercing, nipples, belly button, etc. This would give an attractive selection to the males that would soon arrive at the complex for mating purposes.

    The "new women" were then moved to their new home which was the mating dorm, a very comfortable living complex which surrounded a group of buildings which was the mate introduction area. The mate introduction area was basically bars and clubs where the "new women" would go to be selected for mating by the best males selected from society. Once a "new woman" had found her mate or was selected by a male she and her prospective mate would return to the mating dorm, if the "new woman" found the male to be desirable they would be together for at least two months or until the "new woman" was pregnant. This would give them a comfortable and relaxed time frame in which to mate. Once the "new woman" was pregnant the male would say his goodbyes to his pregnant mate and then he would be released from the compound to rejoin society. The "new women" who were pregnant would be moved to another complex that would give them a comfortable and relaxed place which would monitor and prepare them for child birth. This area was known as the savior living quarters. These women were revered as the saviors of the human race. They are treated with specialized care and given the best of comforts. While there, they could opt to return to the male introduction area to select a male just for recreational sex. If a male agreed to recreational sex, this male would return with the "new woman" to the savior living quarters where she could allow him to stay for only one day. Then he would have to either return to the mate introduction area to find a "new woman" to mate with or he could select another pregnant "new woman" to have recreational sex with. The males however, where only allowed to stay at the complex for one week if they had not mated. They could again later apply to return however, there was a long list of males willing to participate so it was advisable to the males to make sure they mate when the have the chance to.

    Pregnant "new women" that were past 6 months of pregnancy were no longer allowed to return to the mate introduction area. Instead, they could enjoy being satisfied by a machine in their dorm room which was mounted on the ceiling above their bed. She could lie on her bed and select her method of being satisfied, vaginal penetration, oral penetration, anal penetration, vibration or all combined. There were also the options of adding suction devices to the "new women’s" breasts or just to the nipples which most enjoy a lot. This machine was only available to the "new women" who were living in the savior living quarters. This was something that would hopefully encourage the "new women" and give them something to look forward to when being mated.

    For "new women" who had been mated with but failed to become pregnant, the male and the "new woman" would undergo tests to find where a problem may be. If possible and in many situations the problem would be corrected and the couple would return to the mating dorm for another two months of mating. If it was found the a "new woman" was turning down mates or was avoiding vaginal penetration she would be punished with the shocks from the collar and then held in a detainment area for forced mating. Once a "new woman" was detained a detachment of security personnel would go into the mate introduction area and select males to return with them to the detainment area. Once arriving at the detainment area the 6 selected males would be introduced to the prisoner which was bent over a padded table with her legs and hands shackled. The 6 males were then instructed to vaginally penetrate her. Each of them would take their turn mating with her. Then if the liked, they could wait until the 6th male had mated with her as they could then penetrate her again any way they wanted. Once all of the males had their way with her they were free to return to the mate introduction area. The "new woman" prisoner would then be taken back to her dorm room and detained there. If pregnancy still did not occur. She would then be artificially inseminated. For any "new woman" that could not become pregnant due to a flaw that could not be corrected, she would be released back into society to take up her life as a woman on the outside. She would be honored as a "new woman" and given special treatment for the rest of her life. For "new women" who had given birth to 6 or more children, they could continue mating or they could either retire and rejoin society and take their place in world government and be honored as one the saviors of the human race or they could continue their work inside the complex where they could become instructor/trainers to "new women" males entering the complex. This has its own benefits as "new women" who decide to stay and work at the complex, they are allowed to use birth control, visit the mate introduction area and select a mate for recreational sex, or they can visit the Savior Living Quarters and take a room for a while to use the sex machine. These women however never come in contact with other women from the outside and they can not leave the complex. Once a "new woman" leaves the complex and returns to society, she can return to work as other women do as instructor/trainers but they lose the privileges that those who continue to stay inside the complex.

    Those "new women" who on purposely avoid mating successfully i.e., avoid mates, convince mates to only perform oral or anal during their two months together or are using an illegal birth control or only allow vaginal penetration during their periods will be strictly punished. Upon being found guilty of a second offence of tampering with the complex mating program. The "new woman" will be sent to the brothel. Punishment at the brothel will commence until she has given birth to at least 8 children. Punishment at the brothel is administered by males who come from the mate introduction area that would like recreational sex with many women. Males will be able to enter into rooms where "new women" prisoners are held by shackles. Males may force themselves onto the prisoners in groups if the so desire. They may also have the "new woman" prisoner taken to a more private but locked room where she is free from the shackles so the males can chase her down and have their way with her. No other harm is allowed to be done to her other then holding her and forced penetration. She is not allowed to harm the males in any way either. Once the "new woman" prisoner has fulfilled her mating obligation she is then released from the complex to rejoin society without any special honors or recognition for her services.

    They are taking applications for the next volunteers for the "New Woman" program...sign up today and do your part for the human race. New Woman complex is an equal opportunity instruction/training facility. You must be a male over the age of 18 and sign a statement of release stating that you agree to be physically and mentally altered for the purpose of continuing the survival of the human race.