That wasn't counted on part 2

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    January 6, 2005 10:19 PM GMT
    Fiction by Amanda K. Blair
    Chapter Two

    Mark woke and sat bolt upright…. he was not in his bedroom, confused and shocked, it all came rushing back to him as he looked over and saw her there beside him. Still holding a long thin chain that lead to his neck- he reached up and found the collar there…. and it was locked onto him, with no way to remove it without the key.
    Christi was looking up at him as he looked back down to her…she tugged on the chain and her fell towards her embrace…. stunned but no longer afraid he embraced her back and kissed her as he some how felt like his whole life had changed, and it had- he was a slave to this woman’s heart, and he knew it. This some how made things better, as the shock of yesterday’s adventures flew threw his mind he became very aroused.
    The kiss ended and she looked deep into his eyes, and he felt right down to his soul, and she spoke (the words were like magic, spinning a spell of love lust and control)
    “ Good morning Amanda, sleep well?” she caressed his cheek while she spoke.
    He melted at the words and just nodded his answer of yes.
    She grinned and laughed…”Speechless are we dear…. I asked you a question.” She tugged at the chain.
    “Yes Mistress I slept very well, just that I was not sure if it was real or a dream.” his voice was shaky and somewhat high-pitched.
    “ Oh this is for real sweet one, very real. You ARE mine, now and forever…swear it…. NOW!”
    “Yes Mistress…. yours now and forever. I swear.” His voice seemed not his own and he held his throat.
    She giggled, “Don’t worry about your voice, it’s going to get more and more fem as the weeks go by. A small concoction a friend whipped up for me. It won’t harm you, but will befit your station as my slave and lover; I want you to always remember who you are. Do you understand?”
    “Yes Mistress.” Was all he could squeeze out as the fear crept back, and he struggled to push it back down.
    “Permition to speak freely Mistress?” he spoke weakly.
    “Yes love, what do you want?” she reached down and felt his hard-on, which only made it swell larger in her hand as her touch was like her voice, magic and cool, yet strong and reassuring.
    “What about the customers at the book store, don’t you think there going to be a bit suspicious?” he listened to his voice more closely this time and was amazed at how much after just one dose of what ever that was she had given him had made him sound so much more feminine.
    She smiled back pulled her to him and grinned, reached up and unlocked the collar and took it off, “What book store, were going to sell it foolish one. I’m extremely rich, and didn’t need the job in the first place; I’ve been hunting you. Oh what a silly wench you are now get up and open that closet over there to the left…that ones yours…. the one on the right is mine…. go pick out something red and leather and come place it on the bed.”
    “But…” he shut up with the look she gave him got up and walked over to the closet. And opened it. He stood there and was in shock as the door opened to a very large walk in closet…. with two rows of clothes…. dresses of every sort, skirts and blouses and shoes too at the back on shelves. He crumpled to his knees and just gawked, and couldn’t move. He was startled back to reality as to cold hands touched his shoulders and a voice asked him “Are you ok?” he looked up and saw her smiling face. “Yes, but the reality of all this is very overwhelming Christi, honest…. I’m honored and very frightened still. You have to believe me, this is what I’ve always dreamed about but never ever thought it would happen, just fantasies…..” his voice trailed off as she came around in front of him and drew him up to her and hugged him.
    “Yes love, I know…it’s suppose to catch you off guard, that’s the point. I don’t want you ever leaving me, ever. Do you understand, you’re my girl; mine to do as I please. Everything except let you go. Now go get the dress I asked you to get.” She swatted his butt and he shuffled into the closet, with the thought…’closet case indeed’ he chuckled to himself the fear once more over come by her reassuring words. Then it hit him the words she used ‘her girl’. A short way down the closet (some 10 feet long and about the same width) he found a large collection of leather dresses…. 4 were red. He looked back and asked. “Which one, there’s 4 here.”
    She smiled and grinned “the sleeveless one with the high collar.”
    He reached up and pulled it down, the smell of new leather filled his nostrils, it was beautiful, a deep red and some what short. He held it up for her approval, but she was no were in site. He walked out of the closet and looked for her, she was no were to be seen. So he walked to the bed and found the note.
    It read:
    Amanda, make the bed…. Get undressed, shower and put the white lotion that’s in the shower all over your body from the nose down wait 5 minutes then rinse it will remove all your body hair, finish that outfit with the proper under garments and you’ll find the other gift I have for you in the top drawer of the left dresser…match the boots in the closet to the dress, and then do your make up, like you did last night when I found you, you did a very good job. And I expect you to do the same. Then come to the kitchen.

    Mark did as he was told and quickly and ran to the closet to look for the boots…. he found them and gasped…. they were beautiful…. with a 4’ heel…and easily past his knee once on. He scurried to the dresser and opens the top drawer. The in a open box was a pair of silicone falsies, beside them red lace bra panties and a garter and hose, with yet another note tucked into the panties.
    Tuck that stick of yours behind you, I don’t want to see it bulging out like last night…. it ruins the appearance.

    He laid out all that was to be worn on the bed and ran to the bathroom to shower…following her instructions to the letter…the lotion made him tingle and after 5 minutes he rinsed and to his amazement…all the hair he could see seemed to wash down the drain. He towel dried and sprinkled the shower to shower body powder over his body and quickly walked to the bed and started to dress, he was shaking like a leaf. The hard part was to do the tuck that she demanded, it was uncomfortable but his did it anyway, and slid the dress up over everything, and did up the zipper. The dress was very tight fitting, and fit him like a glove. He went to the make up table sat down and looked into the mirror…. his face had no sign of the growth that had been there…it was as if his face never had any hair, no shadow at all, make up would be so much easier without having to use so much cover up. He quickly put on his face ‘ he giggled at that thought’ and finished by putting on his long black wig. He reached for the bush to smooth it out and found yet another note (when did she write all these, how long had she planned his taking), under a bottle of perfume with the word ‘Escape’ he pulled it out…. it simply said… “Wrists behind each ear…. and the name is to remind you…there is none.” He sprayed as instructed and brushed his wig out and looked up into the mirror as the fragrance hit him…. he didn’t know the woman looking back at him and he gasped and touched the mirror.
    Mark got up on wobbly legs and moved slowly to the door as it swung open, a small petit girl in a catholic school uniform ran in grabbed him by the wrist “Your late “ she exclaimed “and I’m hungry.” She dragged him into the hallway, Mark was stunned, the hallway was massive ‘were in hell am I’ he thought, the little girl kept dragging him down the hallway. “Come on you, do you want to start your first day here in the dungeon. Mark hurried along, not knowing were he was going. She dragged him down a long flight of stairs and threw another hallway and threw a door…. the kitchen was massive, and a bustle of movement and activity. The girl dragged him over to the table and shoved him down into a chair, and scurried to the one beside him. Mark was scared, he had never been around so many people before dress this way and was wondering when they were all going to start laughing and pointing, but none did, all were too busy doing one thing or that…. a touch on his shoulder almost made him jump out of his skin “Hi Amanda, you look good this morning.” said a voice he recognized from last night, he turned and there was Carol in a business suit and briefcase in hand. “I have papers here for you to sign when Christi arrives…. nice boots.” She sat at the table across from him. Another woman walked up and placed a cup of coffee and a plate of toast in from of him and walked away, it was at this point he counted…. some 10 people, wait they were all women. He was the only man in the room, and then it occurred to him, may be he wasn’t. He sat confused. A kiss on the cheek brought him back to reality. “Morning love, eat your toast, you’ll need it, and drink your coffee.” She sat down beside him and looked at Carol, “well don’t you look all business like this morning.” She giggled, Carol ignored the remark and opens the briefcase taking out some papers and handed them to Christi, “You wanted these today, right?” Christi looked the papers over and smiled. “Yup, thanks sweetie’s.” She cooed. She smiled and looked to Mark, “You need to sign these.” She passed the papers over to him and he looked down at them. “What are they for?” “What do you think there for, silly? Permition to sell the store, that’s the first set, and the second to sell your house, you won’t need that ether, actually Carols going to buy it from you, and before you think I’m going rob you, it’s all going into your new account, it’s your money. And the last set is an application to change your name.”
    Mark looked up at her, “my name?” He looked down at document, an application for a name change from Mark to Amanda, the one she had given him last night.
    “Sign them.” She stated flatly. His hand moved as of a will of there own, no a will of her own, he signed all the documents and passed them over to Christi.
    “Good girl.” Christi passed them to Carol and Carol got up kissed Christi and smiled. “I’ll file them on my way to court. See you about 7ish.” And she left out the kitchen door to what he assumed was the side door to this very large house. Mark looked at Christi. She was eating a piece of toast and looked back. “Yes love?” Mark just stared blankly.
    “Overwhelmed are we?” she asked, Mark nodded his head. Tears almost coming to his eye’s and she saw it. She got up and came over to him, don’t worry your pretty little head over the details, your safe, mine and in good company and hell were going to be married soon and you’ll be my wife, you’ll love it. I have such plans for us. At this the girl beside him piped up, “Do I have to call her mom?” Christi beamed back yes dear, have you met Ashley yet, dear?” Mark’s mouth opened but nothing came out. “What’s wrong with her mom?” The girl asked. “She in shock dear, but she’ll be ok.” He looked over to the girl, and then back to Christi, “you have a daughter?” “Yes love, oh I’m sorry I never did tell you, but that’s another story for another day.” She looked up at the clock on the wall, “Your going to be late Ashley.” She said flatly. Ashley looked to the clock grabbed another slice of toast and a couple of pieces of bacon and got up and ran to the door, “by Mom & Mom, oh that just sounds too weird, why can’t I have a normal family.” She pouted. “Because you’re my daughter, now get to school.” The girl exited the room the same way Carol had. Christi brushed a piece of Marks wig out of his eyes. He looked at her. “Say the following words for me. I love you and trust you.”
    “I love you and trust you.” Mark repeated. It seemed to calm him somehow, and he looked deep into her eyes, and saw nothing but kindness and love looking him back. He repeated the words, and they seemed to hit a cord somewhere deep down inside him, “I love you, and trust you Christi, but your moving so fast I can’t take it all in. I’m scared to death. You have to know that. Don’t you?”
    “Of course dear, I’m not going to give you a chance to get away. Your mine now, and you’ll just have to take comfort in that fact. Ok?” now eat your toast.” Mark sat and ate the toast and sipped the coffee examining the woman he thought he knew, she was so different from the woman that worked in his small book store just yesterday, she was gorgeous, her hair was long and flowing and her dress, a black one like his, he noted that she was wearing the exact same outfit that he was, just in black…right down to the boots.
    He spoke and looked at her, “Who are you, and what did you do to my employee?” the humor had returned to his voice, she looked up and laughed. “Shock wearing off I see.” She reached over and took his hand. “I do love you Mark.” (It was the first time since last night she had used his old name, and it reassured him.)
    Mark smiled back and exclaimed, “Why didn’t you just tell, or ask me, or something. Why all this kidnap the boss and make him fall in love with you stuff, fun and scary as it was. I might have liked a say in all this.” She smiled back and caressed his hand that was in hers…”What, and ruin all this fun you and I’ve had. Think of the memories when the kids ask how mom and mom met.” She laughed loudly and Mark joined her. He needed that laugh, and smiled back at her, he then realized he was falling in love with her, he didn’t know how, he knew why, but not the how.
    “She smiled as if she knew his thoughts, “Don’t get flustered, but this day isn’t over yet, were going to the salon after breakfast, we have an appointment. And after that the doctors office.”
    Mark almost spit up his coffee, and he looked up “WHAT! Outside, like this, are you completely out of your mind? It’s just not goi…” ‘SLAP!’ the slap to his face shut him up. Christi was mad, and he knew it. “Do you trust me?” she said in a demanding voice. “Yes” was all he could squeak out holding his face. “Then trust me now,.” She got up and pulled him from his chair, and embraced him, “I’m sorry I hit you, but your going to learn, one way or the other, you gave your self to me, I’m your owner, and I won’t let anything happen to you, BUT you are going out today, and many other days after this. Do you understand?” Mark nodded. She gave him the look. He responded, as she knew he would “Yes Mistress, but I’m scared, I’ve never been out in public.”
    “Amanda no ones going to be able to tell, your beautiful.” She looked to the woman in the kitchen doing the dishes, “Mary tell this silly how nice she looks.” The woman looked over and smiled “She’s better looking than I am.” Mark blushed. “But…” Christi put a finger to his lips. “Hush up and get your jacket and your purse, there by the front door and wait for me there, you’ll know which ones yours, trust me,” Mark obeyed without thought. The sound of his heels transfixed him as he walked, and wonder what life outside dressed as a woman was going to be like, and what was the doctor’s appointment for. He figured it must to be to make sure he was in good health or maybe to see if he had any diseases. What poor Amanda didn’t know was what Christi had planned for him. Your see, Christi liked her boy toy, but she wanted a girl toy, or at least almost girl, the doctor was a plastic surgeon.

    Mark waited by the red corvette in the driveway, Christi unlocked the door from the inside and Amanda got in…the car was new, and still had that new car smell.
    “When did you get this car Christi?” Amanda asked.
    “About a week ago princess.” She said sweetly. Amanda’s cock almost stuck it’s self up his ass with the word ‘princess’. Amanda swallowed and squirmed in her seat.
    “Lean forward and put your hands behind your back.” Christi said flatly. Amanda obeyed without question and thought, and Christi snapped on a pair of handcuffs and forced her slave to sit back and did up the seat belt. Amanda sat shocked and highly aroused, while her Mistress placed shackles to her ankles.
    Christi sat back, did up her own seat belt and put the keys into the ignition and started the car. It roared to life and once in gear…the car sped down the driveway and onto the street. Amanda felt like everyone was looking at them, or her/him…he was getting so confused as reality and fantasy merged in the dark places between. He was thinking of himself as a she. Mistress spoke at that point breaking the silence. “ So, your first time out huh?” Amanda mumbled “yes” Christi, giggled, “Relax princess, you look just like I wanted you too look. Two girls out in their car for a Saturday afternoon drive. Ok?”
    Amanda took a deep breath and then let it out, “Why the cuffs and shackles?”
    “Thought that would be obvious, to keep you off guard and remind you who you belong to.” Amanda’s Mistress replied.
    Amanda took some comfort in that statement for some reason. And settled back to enjoy the ride. Christi rolled down the window to let some air in and at the next corner 3 men cat called the car and hollered “Hey you two want some action?” They laughed and Christi chuckled, Amanda blushed and hoped no one saw, “ See princess, even the men find you attractive, pig’s that they are, even brutes know a good looking woman when they see one.” Amanda giggled nervicely as they pulled into a back ally and into an underground garage. Christi reached for a remote beside her and pushed a button and the garage door closed behind them as she undid her seatbelt and then Amanda’s. She climbed out and came around and opened the door for her slave and reached down, Amanda sat forward thinking the cuff’s would come off and was surprised that Christi was pulling her up and out of the car. “But…?” was all she could say as a finger was placed across her lips. “Shhh…. trust me.” Was all that was said. She followed her Mistress threw the underground garage to a door, threw the door and to an elevator. 3 floors up later and into another hall, Amanda held her breath praying no one was in the hallway, no one was…. down the corridor and to a door marked June’s Beauty Salon. Christi opened the door and they stepped in. Amanda was so nervice she almost fell over as a short woman came up and hugged Christi, “Hi Christi, this her.” She eyed Amanda up and down, Christi nodded. “Like her June, gorgeous huh?” she beamed back. “Like her, damn girl friend, you need to get me one.” she giggle back. Amanda just blushed and looked down. June lifted the slaves chin and smiled, “don’t worry so much Hun, your in good hands with my gall pal, I’ve known her for years, she told me so much about you, you have no idea how long she’s been planning to snag you, and here you are, damn…why did you bring her here, she looks fine, can’t improve perfection.” She said to Christi, looking back to Amanda, “Who taught you how to do your makeup, you did a wonderful job, or did Ashley do it for you?” “No she did it all her self.” The proud Domme replied.
    June took Amanda over to a seat and slid her in with her hands behind the back of it and attached a small lock to an eyebolt there, securing Amanda to her seat. She then removed the wig Amanda had been using for years…. and placed it on a Styrofoam headpiece and went to another table. He was back to being Mark, he felt so naked without it dressed this way, what if someone came in, he tugged on the cuffs but they didn’t yield to the tug…. he was very vulnerable and scared. Christi caressed his shoulders as June came back with a new Brunet long straight haired wig and placed it and straightened it to Marks head…. she brushed it out and spun Mark around and faced him to the mirror, “Well, what do you think.” The wig was gorgeous, and more to his natural hair color, it flowed down across his shoulders and framed his face in a wonderful way that even Mark was turned on, he slid right back into Amanda…. OMG was all he could think. “Thank you, it’s beautiful.” She said without thought.
    “Took us months to find just the right one, and finding out your head size, my god, you have no idea.” Amanda spun and looked at Christi, “Months?” the shock in her feminized voice was so apparent. Christi giggled and kissed her square on the mouth, “Yes princess, months, almost a year. Just before I started working for you, I saw you once in the book store after hours, I’m sure you thought no one could see you, but I did, and ever since, my plan to ensnare you has gone into play. The clincher was when you left the keys behind for me to copy, and well you know the rest of the story. Amanda rolled her eyes, what a moron, what a fool. Hunted for a year, and he didn’t even have a clue. “Am I that clueless Mistress?” he asked with a shaky voice. “No dear one, I’m that good.” Was all she stated.
    With a few more touch ups to her make-up and a few lessons on wig care and more make-up tips…. Amanda was unhand cuffed and unshackled and she stood up to look in the full length mirror on the far side of the room, she couldn’t help her self as she spun this way and that, to admire all the work done to her.
    Even to the poor man that looked back, he couldn’t tell that he was one, he WAS Amanda. He looked smelled and even walked like a woman, her confidence swelled.
    “Looks like we created a monster Chris.” June said with a giggle. Christi joined her in the laugh and just beamed at her creation, it was just as she new she would be, her little princess slave, hers to command. “Ok enough playing with the mirror slut, we have another appointment.” Amanda came over to Christi, and spoke “The Doctors appointment?” she asked, Christi just smiled and took her hand. And pulled her along, “Thanks again June, you did a wonderful job, as usual.” She dropped what looked to be a very fat envelope into June’s hands and kissed her cheek. “ I added a little extra, I heard about your mortgage.” “Chris, NO…. I can’t except anything more than we agreed to.” Christi ignored her and walked out with Amanda in tow.
    Down the elevator and back to the car. Christi let her slave sit unhand cuffed this time as they drove too the doctors office. They pulled into the plastic surgeons parking lots when it hit Amanda full in the face. “ That said plastic surgeon on the sign.” Christi said nothing and parked the vet She looked over and said, “Get out.” Amanda did as she was told and stood nervously beside the car on the very busy street of Vancouver’s west side.
    Christi started to walk towards the door and her slave stepped in behind her ‘Dr. Stanley Markus M.D. Plastic Surgeon it said on the door on the way in. Amanda was terrified and they both went up to the receptionist and Christi stated “We have an appointment with Dr. Markus.” The receptionist looked up and said “Name?”
    Christi relied “Amanda Dickson.”
    The receptionist stood up and told them to follow her, she led them down a long hallway to office were they were told to wait for the Doctor.
    “Why are we here.” Amanda whispered to Christi.
    The Doctor while entering stated loudly “For your breast augmentation appointment.”
    Amanda looked over her shoulder to the very handsome Doctor that just walked in and followed his dumbstruck by the statement till he sat down behind the desk.
    She looked at Christi, then back to the doctor. “Nurse?” The Doctor stated.
    A hand with a cloth went across her nose and mouth, she was so dumbstruck she didn’t even resist, as the blackness of the chloroform took her into oblivion.

    His chest was sore…. and the room way to bright, Mark tried to sit up and found that that just wasn’t possible…. he squinted and tried to get his bearings. The room was pink, and had the feel of a hospital room. ‘Oh my god!’ he thought to himself, and he quickly looked down to his chest. There were two well-formed lumps under the covers. He came too very fasts and tried to reach for his chest…. his arms didn’t move. Panic raced threw his mind as he remembered the Doctors office. Mark tried to call out, but all that came out was a croak. His throat was sort and dry. He started to weep uncontrollably.
    What did she do to him, what was going on? He tried to gain control of the tears that were freely flowing from his eyes. A soft voice brought him back to reality as he looked to his right, sitting in a chair beside his bed was Christi’s daughter Ashley. She was speaking to him , but the world seemed to be going in slow-mo. He shook his head and tried to focus.
    “Amanda, are you ok?” she seemed to be saying. Mark shook his head ‘No’, and she quickly ran from the room calling for someone. Pain wracked his body, and he slipped into unconsciousness once again.
    How much time passed Mark had no way of knowing, the pain lessened over what seemed like days, but in reality was several weeks, people would come in , inspect the bandages, adjust his medications, or ask him to speak. The speaking seemed to hurt for the first few days, but lessoned over time, as did the pain in his chest.
    It was all a blur to Mark, and just way to over whelming. Finally the meds wore off and he gained movement once again and was aloud to sit up after the bandages came off his chest. What he saw there just about made him scream, both in horror, and delight. Two perfectly formed tits, a ‘C’ cup easily. Mark also noticed after gaining freedom of movement, and exploration of his body, that he no longer had an ‘adams apple’.
    Finally Christi walked into the room, how long had she been away, he didn’t have a clue.
    “ Well sweetone, how are we feeling today?” She reached over and kissed him full on the lips. Mark loved those lips, yearned every time she took them away; they seemed to make him feel safe.
    Mark tried to mutter something back but it came out as a full balling fit of crying.
    Christi sat on the edge of the bed and took the poor crying lump into her arms and rocked him back and forth, whispering that everything was ok and that it was all over now.
    Mark just wanted to go home. Home? Mark realized was gone now, Christi had him sell it to Carol. His bookshop, everything was gone, his life seemed so uncertain.
    Finally he was dressed in sweat pants and placed into a wheelchair, and wheeled out to a waiting van. The sun was shinning, and it was very warm, to warm Mark realized for March. What month was it, he didn’t ask questions but just resigned himself to be lead around like a puppet. What else could he do, he had not actually seen a mirror in weeks, and figured he looked like some kind of freak.
    The van pulled up to the house, and he was wheeled in and led upstairs by on of the housemaids. He didn’t complain, depression had stolen his will to even resist.
    A bath was drawn for him and he climbed in, was not shocked that the maid washed and cleaned his very long blonde hair (when the hell did his hair get so long, and why was it blonde). After the bath the maid dried and powdered him from head to toe, dried and styled his hair, painted his nails and his toe nails, and lead him to Christi’s and his bedroom. He was dressed in white panties, a white bra and garters held up the white stockings. Next he slipped into a white leather dress that seemed way to frilly to be normal, and white 5” pumps he was lead over to the makeup table and sat down for the first time in weeks in view of a mirror. The woman staring back at him was gorgeous.
    “Sweet Jesus!” Mark blurted out. “Is that me?” watching his lips move, he already knew the answer. He reached out and touched the mirror. The mirror reflected the same movements back and Mark was stunned. The very beautiful blonde starring back at him was stunning, long blonde hair flowed down across his shoulders and down his back down past his shoulder blades; the shaped eyebrows were thin and very attractive and the make-up the maid was applying was just enough to highlight his now very feminine features. Mark starred at the creature that he knew was and yet wasn’t him…it was her…. Amanda, the woman he longed to be since age 5, it was like someone invaded his mind and tore it out and plastered it to his face and body. The maid pulled the last part of his ‘costume’ over his head. It was a wedding veil. Mark, or should we say, Amanda was going to be married.
    When he woke up the maid was fussing over him asking if he was ok. Mark nodded and realized he fainted, and was now flat on his back looking up at the ceiling. He slowly gathered his wits and raised himself off the floor with the aid of the maid. Stumbled slightly and then regained his balance, walked over to the full-length mirror. The woman staring back was a sight to see, beautiful beyond belief, dressed in a leather wedding dress, veiled, and standing on wobbly legs. Mark took a deep breath, looked to the maid and finally spoke. “What’s going on?” The maid replied like it was nothing notable and simply said, “It’s your wedding day silly.” Like he should have known. Amanda took stock of the situation quickly and fell into roll.
    “Well, when’s this suppose to take place?” Her new voice was strange to hear, and she wasn’t quite used to it, but figured it would grow on her, like she had a choice.
    “As soon as your brides maids are ready, and that should be shortly. Your feeling better? You seem more alert.”
    “Yes dear, I’ve come to grips with the situation it seems, no point in fighting it, seems a bit too late for that now.” The nervice giggle escaped her lips and Amanda sat on the end of the bed waiting for the next action to happen.
    Carol walked into the room and gasped, “Amanda!” she exclaimed, “ Your so beautiful, stand up so I can get the full picture.”
    She did, and even gave a little twirl. And Carol came over and gave her a hug, “I have a few things for you.” As she started to open her purse, extracting a small box. Inside was a white gold ring with a single large diamond, and she slipped it onto Amanda’s left hand. “It’s your engagement ring.” She said flatly. “I bought a pair of them for you both, Christi has been wearing hers for weeks now, but we saved yours for today.” Amanda admired the ring, it was very beautiful. Next Carol produced a blue single garter and asked Amanda to lift her left leg. She complied and Carol slipped the garter up her leg to her thigh. Next she pulled out a white gold chain, “It belonged to my grandmother.” She explained, then Amanda clued in, something new, something borrowed something blue.
    She was all set to be married. Married!!!
    Amanda sat back down on the end of the bed, her knees were weak, and she was shaking like a leaf. Carol sat down beside her and dismissed the maid. “It’s going to be ok, actually it’s going to be very ok. Relax, and don’t go starting to cry, you’ll ruin your makeup.”
    Amanda smiled weakly at Carol and nodded her agreement, and took a deep breath. “Well, when does this all start?”
    “When you’re ready, were all just waiting for you.” Carol explained.

    To be continued…
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    Thank you very much , and yes , there's yet more to come.
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    He placed his hug
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    that was BRILLIANT amanda!! more to come i take it?? love maria xxxxxx