story chapters 1+2 new pt 3

  • January 11, 2005 1:27 PM GMT

    Paul was in trouble again at school, he had been teasing the 2 girls again, sally and Emma who lived 2 hoses up on the same street as Paul, and as per usual he was commenting that girls were just about useful as slaves or as sex toys for real men. Paul was summoned to the headmistress’s office. (Head) Paul I have had enough of you getting in to trouble not as if your grade could get any worse and on your 2nd day in to the new term. Well i've had enough I have called you mother to come and take you home you are suspended until you change your attitude.

    Well your mother is here, (mom) Paul get over here!! What have you been up to, (head mistress)(hm) he has been teasing the girls again.(mom) oh has he well Paul I warned you before now say sorry, No!! Right we are going home get into the car now!

    On the trip home Mom was quiet (Paul thinks normally mom will be screaming my head off) the silence was unnerving, 30 minutes later they were home. Paul got out of the car and went in to his room.

    5 minutes later mom came into his room and said I have had it with your behaviour stay up her until I have had time to consider what to do with you.

    Note Paul’s mom is a trained hypnotist and psychiatrist.

    Paul Get down here! Here is your dinner eat it all. Then we need to talk.
    Paul was enjoying his dinner (it tasted strange) bang Paul was KOed. Mom called her friend to come over. (Knock Knock) hi Jenny can you give me a hand, they took Paul to his Room, Mom well let me give him his new Music disk. Ah head phones to. Jenny what you doing well you know Paul has been upsetting your girls well its time he found what it feels like...

    Mom asked if jenny could get the girls to help out jenny said the girls will only be too happy to help and get some payback, (mom) I have to get something from my office can you wait and watch him for me.

    15 minutes later she was back from the office with what looked like a DR’s medical bag, mom went up stairs and said to jenny ill just give him a few sedatives and ahem vitamins. Jenny Vitamins Mom Well ok Hormones.

    Paul was unaware what waited for him. During his sleep he had been programmed with a grooming routine and a keyword so he will be more co-operative.

    Day 2

    Paul woke up with a start must have fell asleep with stereo on, what time is it oh 8am, well ill have a bath and get some clean clothes on.

    Paul went into the bathroom and ran his bath mmm think ill use some of mom’s bubble bath she won’t mind.

    Paul got into the bath then soaked for a while then began (unconsciously) removing his body hair with a razor.

    Knock you alright sweetie said mom yes mom, are you decent nearly mom, I’ve put your clean clothes in your room, ok mom. 5 minutes later Paul was drying of and thought well that’s better. Paul went to his room and got changed. (No not yet readers not girly clothes).

    Well mom was on the phone calling jenny to come over with the girls and could they bring their old clothes. Paul was thinking oh not another jumble sale; Paul went into the kitchen and started to make breakfast for mom and himself. (First time for him in kitchen Not the Last)

    Paul sat down and ate his breakfast with mom, Mom said to Paul why Thank you for breakfast. Well Paul time for you medicine, Paul said what medicine Mom said good medicine Paul froze unable to move or say anything.
    What’s happening he thought to him self Mom was going to take Paul on a trip to the office?

    Knock Knock oh hi jenny just giving Paul his shots, Paul was horrified but stuck Paul was given a strong sedative not to make him sleep jus to make him sluggish and weak. Oh hello girls oh I see you have brought them then, well take them up to Pauls room and throw hi old clothes into the trash.

    We will be away for a few days jenny will help you to redecorate Paul’s room for him I am sure he will be pleased.

    Paul was taken to the car and was taken to moms workplace.
    Whilst away the girls got to work…..

    Day 2 Continued

    Mom pulled in at the office and sent jenny to get a wheelchair, they wheeled Paul into the operating theatre, there was 2 nurses waiting in the theatre Mom aid lets get Paul prepared nurse anaesthetic, Paul was still stupefied by the sedatives but not any more he was out cold in 6 seconds.

    Ok jenny I will call you when we are ready to come back, jenny went back to help the girls with Paul's room, nurse shave his private parts please while I get scrubbed up,
    Mom got ready while Paul was given a close shave, next mom got the breast implant ready and called in dr Whitmore who was already in on the plan as a favour for Paul’s mom, ok lets start. The doctor open paul’s breasts and installed the implants 40 double C after 1 hour he had finished the implants now said the Doctor now for the prosthetic vagina I will install a catheter so if he ejaculates it will go back into the urinal tract only a little will come out making it look like a female orgasm, he will also be able to pass water sitting down and have intercourse as a woman with the tube I installed, Nurse pass me the course of injections I prepared earlier.

    Ok this one will prevent him getting a hard on by causing pain in the scrotum, he will learn excitement in that area causes pain, next this injection will raise his voice so he will be with a more feminine voice, no for the reshaping I will reshape the hips and thighs to be more feminine, after about 4 hours the doctor had done his work, well she looks fine. Nurses take her to recovery but restrain her to the bed.

    Mom did Paul’s hair by using medical glue and real human hair wig, which was a nice blond colour mom, said oh she is so sweet, right transfer her to the private ward nurse please. Paul woke up and tried to move but was unable to move, ah said mom your back with us, now listen up you little s*** I have made some changes and if you want to ever go back you had better do as I say! Paul tried to speak suddenly he thought that’s not my voice what the f***. Mom said shut up and listen your name is Wendy my young miss. As mom to Wendy what she had done Wendy began to cry. Mom said no point in crying what’s done is done if you do as you are told maybe you will be allowed to change back. Now I have some more music for you. Mom put on the music for Wendy; Wendy then slowly went to sleep.

    Phase 2 the new you

    When Wendy woke up she was freed from the restraints no need because of the new subliminal disks, mom was ready she said to wend how are you baby, click Wendy said mommy I want to go home I miss my dolls. Oh my poor little girl soon we will go home SOON.

    The programming was working along with a cocktail of psychotropic drugs.

    Day 3

    Wendy woke up not feeling as sore and admired her ample breasts, mom came in and said well Wendy we can go home tomorrow how are you feeling, I need to wee mom, ok nurse take Wendy to the ladies room, when Wendy got back mom had some beauty products ready for her new little girl.

    Later that night after more reprogramming and response tests mom was content that Wendy was almost past the first stage, and the called jenny to pick them up in the morning, mom asked Wendy if she wanted any thing bringing down. Yes please mom can I have my pink party dress. Mom thought good the programme is going fine so far, ok sweetie aunt jenny will bring it for you now be a good girl and take your medication. Yes mummy.

    Day 4 The Surprise

    When Jenny arrived to pick them up she saw Wendy and smiled and said what a pretty girl, Wendy said thank you then took the dress and thanked jenny again.
    Wendy was helped by the nurse to get dressed she put on her pink lace panties and bra then put on her dress which went down to her knees then she put on the pink lace trim socks and matching flat shoes. The went back to mum. Then mum (mom) helped put a light makeup on for Wendy then nail polish the did Wendy’s hair with matching pink bows.

    Well said mum let’s say goodbye to the nurses Wendy say thank you. While Wendy was away mom asked jenny if every thing was ready at home, jenny replied oh yes all ready, good the girls, yes they will play the part well in Wendy’s second stages.

    WENDY! Let’s go now, ok mum said Wendy, Wendy sit in the wheel chair when Wendy sat down mom said a keyword wend was sleeping, the key word was ironically Paul.

    When Wendy got home she woke up in her bedroom and began to cry.
    Mum came running up what’s wrong, my room mum its great thank you, mum said you will have to thank aunt jenny and the girls, yes mum, the room was done up with Barbie wallpaper and matching pink carpet quilt and curtains, the dressing table had a large makeup mirror, also Wendy’s dolls were all around the room, Wendy got up and went for a bath.

    To be continued Soon