Advent of Princess Cassandra: chp 1

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    May 13, 2005 6:57 AM BST
    Advent of Princess Cassandra Part 1: The new girl
    By Sylvia Ruger

    Note: This work of fiction takes place in the 27th century in an area of space dominated by women. The Amazonian Empire is presently at war with the corporate entity of Mathematical Concepts Limited, which is anything but progressive in their views towards women.” The war has been going rather poorly for the Amazons but they are about to find their savior. The main character is at the time a young officer in the military of the culture that existed previously, he has been in cryogenic hibernation for several years after surviving a failed operation. In a way Cassandra is the alter ego of the author.

    Chapter 1: Starting Anew
    The Planet Alexis, 2610
    “Artemis Leader to AISS Flower, repeat Artemis to Flower do you copy over?”
    “We here you Ma’am find anything interesting?”
    “That’s a most affirmative, the large metal deposit is in fact the remains of an old stellar craft, and she’s huge bigger than those MCL hulks. I sent Marilynn ahead to check it out, waiting for her team to report”
    “Roger that Lady Jennifer, her Grace will be interested in any salvage you can find, if we are lucky the ship may have some weapons or tech we can use.”

    What Lady Jennifer Volkberg and the rest of the expedition did not know, was the remains in question was that of the FSS Vixen, a Assault Carrier-Transport of the old Federal Star Force. She was damaged and forced to crash land nearly 100 years earlier, the survivors set the ship on minimum power and activated its cryogenic sleeping chambers to wait for a rescue. However before the Federation could mount a rescue it collapsed due to internal corruption. All records were lost of the Vixen and so no one came, and the survivors remained safely asleep, until now.

    “Lady Jennifer, this is Kommandette Rice, you have got to check this thing out, internal power is still active in some areas, and the cargo hold is filled with crates and other items covered with tarps. I am heading towards where the power is active will *** pt***transmission breakin*** up, Marilynn out*****”

    “Huh what is going on? Captain something has activated the revival program, get the troops up I think we may have company!”
    “Yes Sir, uh Commander Ruger, what if they are hostile?”
    “Then we defend this ship, and see if we can take theirs and get off this rock. Computer what is the status over?”
    “Right thanks, ok Captain get the troops ready, and get Dr. McPherson to check out and see if anyone is having problems, I wonder how long we have been out”
    “2610, we have been out for 94 years wow! Check for Federal Ident tags, and perhaps opening up the arms locker just in case”

    The twenty senior survivors of the ship’s company and embarked troops quickly got dressed and headed towards the massive area where the rest of the 1500 survivors were still in suspended animation. Along the way they picked up armor and small arms from the weapons locker and were in the process of activating the revival program when Kommandette Marilynn Rice and her small party entered in.

    “Ma’am we are detecting movement up ahead in the lighted area”
    “Right easy they could be corp bastards, proceed in with caution, I can’t raise Lady Jennifer until we get back into the cargo area.”
    “Ok shit, freeze someone is looking right at me”

    “Sir, uh we have visitors, well um….”
    “What’s up Captain, oh uh hello ladies welcome to the Vixen”

    “Vixen? What is that and who are you guys?, and er women, you are not Corporate that is obvious too nice”

    “Eh Corporate, what us no were Star Force, I’m Star Commander Ruger, this is Captain Taylor, and Doctor Major McPherson, this is the FSS Vixen, Federal Star Force”

    “Star Force come on the Federation, right it is a dinosaur, extinct for close to 75 years now, so who are you guys really?”

    Looking at the new comers, Commander Ruger noticed that all of the ladies were wearing some sort of uniform and light armor, and had heart shaped insignia or stripes, denoting officers and other ranks, and also there were no men whatsoever with their group.

    “Federation gone? Then who the heck are you, and where are the men?”

    “Huh, no men we are all Amazons, men are evil and must be purged” stated Kommandette Rice, as she motioned for her girls to pull their weapons.

    “You’re wacked, lady, too arms troops, computer seal this hatchway!”

    “Hey you locked us in, in the name of the Empress open this door”

    “Look lady, tell your people to put away your weapons, what are those anyway, or the ship will get angry, open ports this deck train on intruders, hold but do not arm.”

    “Hey what the, what are those? Ok mister you win for now, girls drop your weapons”

    “That’s better ok now since obviously you don’t like men, Dr McPherson, here will be our spokesperson, she is the senior female amongst my group.”
    “Uh ok, Dr. are you don’t belong to the faith do you?, of course not, not serving under a man, so are you people really Federation, wow and this stuff still works?”

    “Most of it, as Commander Ruger mentioned, the Vixen is on minimum capability and if you would not mind we would like to leave this planet and reenter civilization, or what is left of it anyway if the Federation has truly fallen.”

    “Uh I know you can, and any other women, but the men will have to stay, or be our prisoner.”

    “I’m sorry but I don’t follow, your prisoner and why not me I am Star Force as well, where they go I go.”
    “Excuse me lady but Major McPherson is right, we all go freely or we stay here and wait until I give the command to open the door or die of lack of air whichever comes first.”
    “Stand down computer, let’s meet the new group, I really want off this rock, we can transfer you to another ship. Open the hatch way but keep weapons trained”

    “Marilynn do you read over… this Jennifer come in Kommandette Rice…”

    “Hey you Marilynn? Someone is trying to talk with you, better answer her.”

    “Oh what, oh right” “Lady Jennifer this is Marilynn we have some guests, or should is say we are guests, however most of them are men, and not Corporate”
    “Uh I can see, nice turret aimed at your pretty toosh so what did you do piss off these nice folk.” Stated Lady Jennifer as she entered with about seven more uniformed women.
    “Hello I am Lady Jennifer Volkberg, regent of the expedition to Alexis, and you are?”

    “I am Star Commander Jason Ruger, this is Star Captain Christian Taylor, and Doctor Major Stephanie McPherson, we are the senior survivors of the crew and passengers of the Federal Star Ship Vixen, and if you can talk some sense into your subordinate, Myself and those under my command would really like to get off this planet and back to Mars or New California.”

    “I’m sorry Commander, but I can’t take you to either of those places, as they are not under the Empire, however I can take you to Chronos and from there you can take a ship to Avonia and maybe find passage to non Imperial space., how many of you are there?”

    “Uh we have 20 personnel presently revived and another 1500 or so in cryogenic sleep, I was about to revive them when Marilynn came in.”

    “That’s Kommandette Rice to you mister!”
    “Easy Marilynn, be nice, Commander Ruger did you say 1500 plus 20?”

    “Yes uh, Ma’am and if you take us off, any equipment outside personal baggage is yours for the taking.”

    “I see and what items of value do you have?”

    “Well if I read the situation correctly you are at war with something called the Corporation, whoever they are, and well this is a Fleet Assault Carrier, and although we have had many casualties, during the battle and the crash, and trying to cope with the planet, I have enough equipment for two Fighter squadrons, and the 12th Armor Regiment, which was my command, not this ship.”

    “Armor what’s that?. What is a regiment is the equal to a Equation or Chapter?”

    “I am not following, but 1000 troops, 300 are infantry, one battalion, 100 are support personnel, 100 are combat support such as engineers, and the rest are vehicle crews, about 150 grizzly tanks, another 30 Raccoon transports, 20 Falcon Skimmers and several UCV’s er trucks.”

    “You have 150 grizzly tanks here? Commander you got yourself a deal!”
    “Uh your Ladyship, don’t you think you are being rash, what will her Highness think?”
    “I will deal with her, now uh Commander do you think your female personnel not mind fighting against MCL, we could really use the help.”

    “MCL? Is that the corporation, those pricks, sold us some sorry ass shit, I would be glad to help, and so would all of us, we lost many friends and loved ones due to those greedy bastards selling the Star Force short, luckily the Vixen was an Athena Arms and Golliath Kriegworks collaboration, or we would have met the same fate as the rest of the group.”

    “Uh your women are welcome to join our ranks, but I am afraid you gentlemen are not welcome or needed, all we need is for your girls to show us how to use the equipment.”

    “Eh, well the problem is most of the combat troops are men, and well if you are going to be snooty, we can take you by force and your ship if necessary.”

    “You wouldn’t dare, we women are superior and you must know you place!”
    “Shut up Marilynn, I am sure we can come to an arrangement, Commander you seem like a reasonable being, welcome to the Empire.”