Princess Cassandra chapter 2

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    May 17, 2005 4:55 PM BST
    Chapter 2: What a nice Freudian Slip you are wearing

    After hashing out an agreement, the two very different groups went about preparing the survivors and equipment found within the Vixen ready for transport. The last thing was removing the computer core and transporting it back, for what Commander Ruger stated was reassignment, the Computer agreed and was not too sad leaving the broken shell of its former body behind. However while the Star Force personnel went about doing their duties, Lady Jennifer and Kommandette Rice came up with a solution for having male’s in leadership positions.

    “Ok, Marilynn, we need these guys, and I don’t have a problem letting the men serve under our leadership, but Star Commander Ruger, and Star Captain Taylor are equivalent to us if not higher, besides 100 plus working grizzly tanks, we can use them to turn the tide of the war with the corporation.”
    “Well. Ma’am we can off those two and then force the lower males to work for us of or face a similar fate…..”
    “No that will never do, they would revolt and cause us some serious problems, but I was thinking if we degraded them by fully adopting them in our ranks, we might get a few who want to go all the way, well Commander Ruger will not get much choice in the matter, but leave him, er her to me.”
    “I like it, and we can use Doctor Stephanie to help out, but what about Captain Taylor?”
    “No the doctor has the gift, I can sense it, she will be turned over to the church, besides it is best no one knows what happens to them, leave Captain Taylor nominally in charge of these guys and we will work on Jason Ruger, I need a daughter so Catherine can have a sister don’t you think.”
    “Well no girl is named Jason, but Jaclyn is too close, how about we name her after you?”
    “Hmm sure why not many daughters are named after their mother’s, so until the time of my induction into the royalty comes she will be Jennifer Ruger.”
    “I like it Jennifer, it’s a win-win, the Empire get’s the troops and equipment, and we get to have fun at the expense of a male, too bad he’s not corporate, or we could make her into a pleasure slut, and sell her off to the slave pens.”
    “Now Now my eager beaver, that buzzed cut masculine head, contains a lot of information and the Empire must possess it, but it needs a proper silky mane to cover it, not that short stubble.”
    “Quick here she, er he comes…”
    “Afternoon Commander….”

    “Please call me Jason, Lady Jennifer, Marilynn, well all of the gear is packed and we are ready to board, Vixen is eager to be installed where she can be of use.”

    “Vixen, oh your AI, right, I was talking with my superiors, and they will welcome your force, and have your own lead it, however the Queen wants to meet with you and see if you can help out beyond just being a field commander.”

    “Uh ok, Captain Taylor is capable enough…”
    “Oh yeah, he is now Kaptain Taylor, and you are Kommadette Ruger;…”

    “Don’t you men Kommander, the other is a bit girly….”

    “Uh right, sorry we are not used to having males in such exalted positions, one more thing all of your clothing is contaminated with the toxins in this system, and may disrupt the environment of the ship, so prior to boarding all of us will be disinfected, and issued new attire.”

    “Ok you are the boss, I just want off this rock and take this damn breath mask off and breath fresh air again.”
    “Yes well all in due time Kommandette, er Kommander,”

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    September 7, 2005 6:15 AM BST
    please see separate thread for chapter 5