Princess Cassandra Chp 3

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    May 25, 2005 5:54 AM BST
    Chapter 3: The Transition Express, Ticket for 1.
    At the appointed time for the personnel to depart and head to the awaiting starships, Kommander Ruger and Kapatin Taylor along with the rest were given their boarding assignments. Doctor McPherson was going on a medical support ship, and Kommander Ruger was going to be on Lady Jennifer’s flag ship. Kaptain Taylor and the rest, outside other medial personnel who were selected to accompany Doctor McPherson, were tasked to board transports and head for a system near the front line, to train and fight with their equipment. Several examples of each type of vehicle and other equipment along with Vixen were likewise loaded onto Lady Jennifer’s ship, the AISS Flower.

    “Hey Sir, before we depart, some of the men are complaining about removing the clothing….”
    “Yes well, like we know our uniforms are contaminated, as are we, and so we need to be deconned, and it is easier to destroy the clothing. Besides we belong to the Empire now, and so will wear their uniforms.”
    “I guess you are right, well, good luck Sir and see you later, you get to meet a queen some guys have all the luck, and I think Lady Jennifer loves you.”
    “Perhaps, but I am sure once her training is over I will hook up again with Stephanie”
    “I am sure you will, like I said some guys have all the luck, well my shuttle is leaving, for the Cherry Blossom, see you sir”
    “Good luck, Christian, and after I am done with the debrief and whatever else, I will join you guys.”

    “Ah Kommander, see got it right, your friend is leaving, and did I hear you correctly, you were uh involved with Stephanie?”

    “Yes, she is my fiancée, why is that a problem?”

    “Oh no well not really however if is she is inducted to the faith, they may not wed, and she has the potential to serve the Church.”

    “Yes I know, she is psionically gifted, so your clergy are all psions, that’s interesting, well looks like your, I guess our shuttle is here, so we best get going, huh Lady Jennifer?”

    The shuttle landed and dropped off a cargo module with two doors on either end. A clear plastic bubble was also dropped and connected to one end, the shuttle then landed and extended a flexible collar to the other end. Thus creating a sealed environment for deconning the away team and Kommander Ruger.

    “Uh Marilynn you take the girls in first, then I will follow with Kommander Ruger.”
    “Right, ok girls let’s go,” stated Kommandette Rice, as she and the rest of the away team, that originated on the Flower entered the decon area. Once in the clear bubble, all of them disrobed, and headed inside for decon, a few minutes later, they emerged one by one fully clothed in blue knit blouses and black skorts, the officers had their stripes on the collar and the enlisted hearts on the sleeves.
    “After you Kommander”
    Jason and Jennifer then entered the dome, and under the direction from a tech inside, took off their clothing, Jennifer mentioned to the tech that she was with the special guest, and after stripping to her birthday suit, casually walked inside, Jason followed suit, and was quite exited at the prospect of being surrounded by women, and his manhood likewise was exited as well.
    “Uh here, drink this, it will combat some of the toxins you were exposed, to, and when you are done, go to Sister Marie and she will give you a few shots to help you adjust and be safe.” Jason drank the rather sweet liquid, and felt a little light headed, but knew that he did not want to suffer any effects from the toxic environment of Alexis. One other side effect was that his erect penis went immediately flaccid. Which was just as well, as he was beginning to get some unwanted attention and hostile glares from the techs. Next were the shots, a series of 10, which left his arms and buttocks rather sore.
    “Ouch, that last one was a doosey, I did not see Lady Jennifer get any shots…”
    “Oh well, uh that’s because we get these upon joining and well better safe than sorry don’t you think?”
    “Oh sure I guess, but that last one was a pain in the ass.”
    “Right now off you go through the rest of the decon, we don’t want to keep everyone waiting, now sweetie?” Taken slightly aback by the last comment, Jason, shrugged, and rubbed his sore butt, and continued on with the decon procedure. He was given a cap to cover his head, and eyes, as he went through the first station.
    “Ok hun we are going to do a skin slough which will remove the first lairs of skin, and any contact contaminates, this may sting a bit, but just relax.” Two techs wearing thick gloves came up and started smearing a foul smelling solution all over his body, covering all of it except the protected parts. After a few minutes, his skin began to tingle, especially around his nipples., then the smell of burning hair and skin filled his nostrils, as the skin defoliant was doing its work. A few minutes later, the techs came back with a water nozzle and sprayed the gunk, and all of the dead skin and hair with it.
    “Hey that tickles, ooh wow that’s odd my chest seems extremely sensitive”
    “Well, that is a side effect of the treatment, don’t worry the oddness will soon go away.”
    “my skin feels soft and silky too, how long for hair to grow back?’
    “Oh everything will be as it should within a few day’s cutie, so don’t worry, now move to the next station ok?”
    Proceeding along to the next stations, the techs washed him off, with a solution that smelled faintly like roses, it was a skin conditioner. Next he was given four pills, one was a sleep aid, the others were more “vaccines” after that, his hair was washed and treated, and then he was shown to the end. Lady Jennifer and two more techs were waiting with some clothing.
    “Well now all of that is done, Kommandette, here is your new uniform, sorry but this all we have, and I will not permit you to run around nude.”
    “Oh ok, I guess it will do, I can get proper clothing when we reach planetside right?”
    “Oh yes all of wardrobe needs will be provided, now this simple blouse, skort affair is called shipboard dress, notice your rank is on the collar, this is your chronometer and short range communicator, these are little devices patch into the ship’s sensor grid and monitor’s your status, and also is a transponder, this is a DNA ID locket, these are standard shipboard slippers we use a high friction surface to facilitate movement in the reduced gravity of the ship. And last but not least standard issue undergarments.”
    “But I don’t need a bra….”
    “Come now it’s part of the uniform, and until we get some custom uniforms for your troops, it is required.”
    “Ok, well I really don’t need it, but regulations are regulations even if they are not designed for me.”
    “Yes well, I think you find all of the uniform to make sense, who knows maybe you will like it?”
    “Well, al'right help me with this or at least show me how this stuff goes, are those earrings?”
    “Yes bioelectric powered, oh drat, Sister Marie we need to pierce her, uh his ears!”
    “Wait do what?”
    “The bioelectric field won’t work unless the probes are implanted, so earrings are the least evasive, means of doing it, besides they complement the uniforms.”
    “Uh maybe for you, anyway of getting around them?”
    “No, because the ship’s security system will target you as unauthorized the moment you board if it does not pick of the transponder code, and then once aboard we can monitor your vitals, like the rest of the crew and exploration team.”
    “all right, Sister, be gentle….Ow, he watch it…damn that hurt!”
    “Ok Kommandette, just live with it ok, I will never get the other one right.”
    “There all dressed and you look kind of cute.”
    “Uh thanks, I guess, now what?”
    “We head inside, once we get to the Flower, Kaptain Parker will show you around the ship, then after that please join me and the senior staff for dinner, ok dear?”
    “Yeah ok, whatever, real food will be a treat, right now I feel really sleepy.”
    “well we have a few hours to the ship you can rest on the shuttle.”

    The two walked into the shuttle, followed by the techs, they detached the external bubble and after everyone was safely aboard, the shuttle lifted off, pausing only to pick up the decon station and leaving behind the remains of the Vixen and the planet Alexis. During the ride Jason fell quickly asleep, and some of the drugs, and raw hormones he was given started to do their intended job.
    “Well Marilynn what do you think? Shall we go all the way or let her decide, after living amongst us for a while?”
    “We should have fun with first, let her keep that thing between her legs and let her pretend she is still a man, until she decides enough is enough, and voluntarily goes all the way.”
    “Right, well Kommandette Ruger is out of uniform, do you want to remedy that?”
    “Sure it would be my pleasure to giver her a makeover, Uh what about her hair, she looks so butch”
    “Leave it for now, it will grow out, for now make her cosmetics low profile, you know light pinks and natural tones.”
    “Ah you’re no fun, but ok, can I do her toes bright red?”
    “Sure by the time she sees them, it will be too late.”
    With a sly grin, Marilynn went aft of the shuttle and got her cosmetics kit out, and then starting with the toes, began dolling up the new “girl”. Kommander(ette) Ruger slept through the entire processes, as the sleeping pill ensured s.he would. The shuttle landed in the Flower and finally with the last jolt, Jason woke up.

    “Enjoy your beauty rest dear?”
    “Uh yes, I needed that, so now we board?”
    “Uh huh, follow behind Marilynn, although you two are the same rank, she is your superior ok.”
    “Sure no problem” standing up, Jason stretched and noticed that his chest felt tighter, pausing he adjusted the bra he was wearing.
    “Uh not really this thing must of somehow got out of position while I was resting, it feels better now.”
    “Oh well, that happens, we will get you a padded training bra from one of the Kaydettes they will get a big kick helping out a superior that way.”
    “Er right, well so this is your ship?”
    “Yes ah good, Kommandette Ruger this is Kaptain Parker, follow her and she will give you a brief tour, oh and Parker remember I want all senior officettes for dinner tonight so don’t be late, while on the bridge ask Lady Emily if her group is interested as well.”
    “Yes Ma’am, ok follow me sweety, welcome to your new home and life.”