Princess Cassandra Chp 4

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    May 30, 2005 8:14 AM BST
    Chapter 4: Initiation Rites
    Kaptain Sharon Parker showed Jason around the ship, starting with the cargo hold, then engineering, the combat area, and finally the bridge. Lady Emily Dupris and Kommandette Sarah Carver, the matriarch and executive of the Flower, met them and Sharon relayed the invite to dinner.
    “Oh sure tell Lady Jennifer we would be honored, nice meeting you Kommandette Ruger, welcome to the Flower and the Empire.”

    The rest of the tour went quickly, and with a brief pause showing the emergency locker, Sharon led Jason to their quarters.
    “Oh I forgot we are bunkmates, and in our tradition those on a personal level use first names when addressing each other, I’m Sharon and you are?”
    “Uh Jason…..”
    “Oh that will never do, how about Jaclyn, yeah that will work for now.” Leaning over Sharon lightly kissed her new roommate, “shall we go inside.”
    Making sure the vanity was not visible, as Sharon was given orders not to let ”Jaclyn” see herself until after dinner, when the final steps will be set in motion. Sharon showed the small quarters, including the bathroom, and a full sized bed.
    “Uh where do I sleep…”
    “Oh silly, girl we share the bed.”
    “Oh right, but ah never mind, if I correct every one of you ladies, I will still be on that rock, what time is dinner?”
    “Oh uh, shit, 10 minutes, we have to hurry, this is informal so these uniforms will suffice.”

    Sharon and Jaclyn hurried down the corridor to the lift taking them to the wardroom. Inside were 20 ladies in small groups, ranging in rank from Kaydette to the two Ladies.
    Lady Emily was talking to Lady Jennifer and noticed the room hush up as the newcomers arrived.
    “Ah Ms. Parker, right on time you’re cutting in close dear, Ms. Ruger you look lovely, how do you like it so far?”
    “Uh Ma’am the quarter arrangements are a bit irregular but so far no complaints.”
    “Oh that’s good to hear, however we don’t have any individual quarters, even Lady Emily and myself share ours with our execs. Anyway, now that you are here…Oh yes Doctor Angela?”
    “Ma’am Kommadette Ruger needs a few more shots, if you don’t mind we can do that right now, we never gave her the hypersleep inducer, and it would be ashamed if her first jump killed her.”
    “Oh right, proceed then we will eat, Ms. Ruger your place is here next to Ms. Parker and Marilynn.”
    “Uh ok, but why call me Ms?”
    “Oh sorry, Sharon you did not brief your roomie on protocol did you, no matter we will deal with that later. Simple we are a very regimented society and titles are extremely important. Untitled civilians are Senorita, those in position of authority are Senora. Junior enlisted in AIDOF, our military, is Fraulein, senior are Frau. Kaydettes are Missy
    Junior Officettes, including Kaydettes when addressed by a subordinate in a formal setting are Mademoiselle, Lewtenettes and Majourettes are informally called Miss. Kaptains and Kommandettes are Madame, or Ms. In formal conversation the title goes before the rank, as in Madame Kommandette, oh and nobles have a whole slew of honorifics, but for now Lady, and your Grace or Highness will be sufficient. The queen is Your Royal Majesty, and if you meet the Empress, she is Her Imperial Majesty, got that Ms. Ruger?”
    “Uh ok, got it Lady Jennifer…”
    “Oh no when addressing a superior in a non formal setting, i.e. court Ma’am is sufficient ok?”
    “Yes Ma’am….”
    “Right now be a good dear and get your shots and then we will eat.”

    Excusing “herself” Jaclyn went with the medical team and was administered several more shots, “Ow, damn what gives with these they hurt like hell”
    “Oh well Ms. Ruger, By the way I am a Sister Surgeon so your equal, it’s either shots or suppositories, your choice?”
    “Uh I will take the shots I guess…”
    “Good every morning after aerobics come to me and I will administer the required doses…”
    “Daily, uh what gives…”
    “Oh well, while you were ah out of contact, several new germs came up, and we have to isolate the one’s that you have not been exposed to, and uh give you the vaccines, now like I said it’s either shots or suppositories, which although may feel odd, are less painful.”
    “Well you are the doctor, so what does this tread-head know about medicine.”
    “Good I or one of my girls will see you at 70 in the morning, now you best get over their your other half is looking sheepish.”

    All of the others were seated except for Sharon who was standing next to the chair designated for Jaclyn. Jaclyn finished her ordeal with the medical team and headed over to the table.
    “Ah Jaclyn please have a seat, then I can sit down.”
    “Eh uh what do you mean Ms. Parker?”
    “Sharon, silly, I am your rommie, and also your subordinate so I seat you then I sit down, got it?”
    “Right, ok wow this is so weird.”

    The last two sat down, and Lady Jennifer then gave the signal for the cooks to bring in the food, it was a lavish affair and compared to emergency rations, a veritable feast for Jaclyn. Throughout dinner small talk and gossip were the main topics, however every now and again Jaclyn asked about the events that have transpired, and others asked “her” questions of the Federation. Several hours past, by after several courses of food, after dinner drinks were served, however Jaclyn’s had a little extra, to help her sleep.
    “Ms. Ruger you don’t look too good, I guess too much too soon.”
    “Uh yes m’a ma’am long day, I am sooo tired.”
    “Right, Ms. Parker, take your roomie back to bed, hopefully she will feel better in the morning, then report back here for your earlier transgression.”
    “Yes your Ladyship, ok Jaclyn let’s get you to bed, come on girl you are too big for me to carry you, that’s it.”

    After struggling to get the drowsy soon to be she-male to their quarters, Sharon got them both inside, and instructed Jaclyn to remove her things. S.he was then handed a nighty and instructed to put that on and go to bed. In a haze, Jaclyn complied and was out as soon as s.he touched the soft downy pillow. Sharon quickly picked up her clothing and hurried of to await punishment.

    Meanwhile Jaclyn slept dreaming of all things feminine, and a weird dream that she was no longer a guy. The next morning Jaclyn shrugged off the memories of the night prior, and was confused at the silky sensation of the satin nightgown. But that was not all, quite visible under the gown were the noticeable buds of developing breasts.
    “EEEK!” shouted Jaclyn who’s voice was now a few octaves higher
    “What’s wrong?” asked a bleary eyed Sharon, who woke up with the screams of her bunkmate.
    “I have tits….”
    “Of course you do dear, but they are still awfully small, give them time…”
    “But I have tits, I am not supposed to have tits, I am a guy….”
    “Really? look at yourself in the mirror Jaclyn, what kind of guy looks like you? It will be all be explained soon enough, go back to sleep girl, you have a big day, ahead, oh and welcome to the first day of your new life, welcome to the Amazon Empire.”

    End of Part 1
    Please let me know what you, think as there is more to come, afterall we need to meet Cassandra.
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    Keep up the good work Sylvia