Excerpt from "Tales from the Woods"

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    July 2, 2005 3:15 AM BST
    [ This is the first tale in a collection of short stories I wrote some 20-25 years ago. I submit it as it is a tale as it reflects inner struggles with my self-exceptence of my gender when I was in my early 20's -- It's a tad long ]

    One such time, I sensed a presence in the woods. It was a young woman. Obviously heartbroken and disillusioned, she had come to the woods to escape. She never knew what she was escaping to, or how, or why she had come to these woods.

    It was late in the summer when she came to the edge of the river that winds its way through the woods. From my vantage point in the shadows of the trees I watched as she undressed. I feared that she was entertaining suicidal thoughts. Thankfully as I watched, I could feel the river cleanse her.

    * * * * *

    The cool water felt refreshing as it splashed down her skin. The goose bumps felt titillating, rather than irritating. She found it strange that a shower could be as such, here in nature, and so different from home. It was neither chore nor luxury but a cleansing.

    The river flowed with such innocence, as to make everything within sound of it, relax. She bathed in it. She enjoyed the moment and the problems left behind to wash away with the water. Leaning against a smooth black rock along the side of the fall, she opened her mouth to drink of the water, giggling as the water relentlessly splashed about her face.

    The sound of her own laughter startled her. It had been long since she heard it's sound, and it emanated with the innocent sounds of forgotten childhood. She thought it odd to have forgotten how to laugh aloud. It seemed easy, and so deeply enjoyable.

    Drifting back into the pool beneath the fall, she tried to lose herself again within the water. This time the moment she found was erotic, and incomparable to the innocence that she desired to feel. She still laughed, but this time it was a more knowing laugh. A laugh that started in her throat and ended in a smile of subtle sarcasm. It was a smile that exposes itself when ones' feelings been found out, but humility refrains the lips from thoroughly expressing.

    I remember wishing I was an artist. It was a scene I wanted to capture and share. Even if the picture was painted; with the green hues and light breaking through, all the reds of the sun, all the subtleties of the brush and trees rising out of the water, all of the motion of the quiet crystal water, all the cool rushing of falls, and the beauty of this girl enjoying the pure beauty and solitude, there would only be a few who would bother to look at the painting. Fewer yet would feel it.

    She stepped out of the waterfall and paused to enjoy the sunset. A cooler breeze gently told her to get dressed. She pictured a glass of white wine, as she looked at her toes on the carpet of bright moss beneath the clear water. It was then that she sensed just how far away she had run. A sense of panic tempered by defeat went through her as she dressed.

    The extremity of her emotions rushed through her and the hush of the waterfall drowned out her pain. She fell to her knees and sobbed into her hands after dressing. It was then I made her aware of my presence. I could see and feel her mind spin upon my intrusion. She passed out, and I carried her toward the cabin.

    She began to revive as we made our way down the path. Her eyes tried to focus at the small cabin gathering evening light. I listened to the trees as they whispered with the wind in anticipation of the night. She said nothing. She felt helpless. When we crossed the threshold, she looked at me. I could only find confusion in her eyes.

    I set her upon a bench as I set pillows and blankets upon the floor in front of the rustic fireplace. She arose from the bench a staggered to the doorway as I lit the fire. She stopped at the door and looked back at me searching for an explanation.

    "I don't believe you would understand if I explained to you where you are, or why you are here. For tonight I will tell you that when you will dream I will be there too. There in your dreams, you will be able to see the truths you hide from. I cannot say what will be when the morning comes, for I do not know. This cabin and the warmth of this fire is all the comfort I am allowed to provide.

    I left the cabin to sleep under the stars and mentally shaking my fist at my maker. I knew by the woman's distraught condition, that the visions this woman would bring to me this night would show me a world I could not influence, nor tolerate. I would be forced to submit to the world to which I was bound.

    From the heavens I heard a voice, Sleep Prometheus, and see what you have done, find the comfort of your cabin and fire.

    * * * * *

    As sleep came over the two of us I could see her journeying through time within her mind. She was searching for how she had come to be here. I saw her learning for years. Learning so much, she became separate from the world around herself. She became lonely with knowledge.

    When she applied her knowledge there came many rewards, but still she felt incomplete. Her need for a child could not be compensated through her labors. I saw her fall in love with a man of equal talents. I saw the child of their creation awaken inside her, but the world they had created together began to fall apart. Resentments arose. In the end, she accepted walking away from there labors to raise the child.

    Their world continued to crumble, and her man took their child and left her alone. With all of her labors gone, the emptiness within her pulled her to these woods.

    It was then I appeared in her dream. I was taken back by my own appearance, for I was neither male nor female. I had a beautiful female body with a very male phallus. Our eyes swelled up with tears. She walked to me and comforted me in an embrace that could only be consummated with a kiss. As our eyes spoke of love and safety the cabin door blew open with an explosive sound. As if drawn by a magnet we walked, through the portal.

    Upon entering the trees, the wind lifted me and threw me onto the ground a few yards away. Great gusts of wind scattered green leaves and I found myself crying helplessly within her vision.

    The wind and my cry seemed not to touch her. Her hair was unmoved by the wind. Her face was unchanged by my tears. She walked toward me. Her eyes appeared to glaze as she came to stand at my feet. . Her expression changed to helplessness. She fought against unseen forces as they seemed to push and pull her on top of me. The wind whirled our consciousness with the green leaves.

    She managed to utter, "What are you?"

    I replied in a stoic tone that sounded erotic in the midst of my confusion.

    "I am whatever you need me to be."

    I found myself tonguing the outlines of her breast. My hand explored her body with massaging strokes. My body began to move without my awareness as moans escaped my lips. She grabbed at my feminine breast, breaking skin and tearing away flesh. I felt my phallus swell. I watched as if detached as I grabbed her by the hair and forced the erection into her mouth. Her eyes looked up at me like a cat that had found its prey, and viciously bit into the transgressor.

    She stood up with blood on her face, looking like a victorious warrior. She looked down at my penis dangling by a single tendon and ripped it off with a malicious tug. I felt the pain tear through me. I watched on helplessly as she shoved the bloody phallus deep inside herself.

    The wind suddenly ceased and the blood disappeared. The phallus reappeared upon her. She bent down and licked my breasts each stroke healing the wounds.

    We locked in a deep embrace. Our bodies melded together with each subtle movement. Every gyration dissipated a limb until there was a single form left lying in the leaves, unconscious.

    I awoke to the first rays of the sun to see her leaving the cabin nude. The panic in her eyes that forced me to look at the penis she strangled in her hands.

    Her face full pain now lifted to the sky and screamed out with a confusion that echoed far into the hills, "YOU'VE IMPRISONED ME!!!"

    She fell to the ground in tears. Her hand still strangled the erection. Suddenly she stopped. Calm came to her face. She turned to look at me.

    �We imprison ourselves.� I said with as much care as I could. The visions of the evening raced within my mind like demons.

    She started to laugh. A laugh that started in the throat and ended in a smile of subtle sarcasm. Her laughter was edged with a knowing madness as she ran away from these woods.

    The rest of the Tales are at http://www.bereth.com/Cor[...]ale.htm