Princess Cassandra Chapter 5

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    September 7, 2005 6:22 AM BST
    Advent of Princess Cassandra Part 2: Service to Empire
    By Sylvia Ruger

    Note: This continuing work of fiction takes place in the 27th century in an area of space dominated by women. As mentioned in part one the Amazonian Empire is at war with a chauvinistic corporate state that derived from MCL, the largest corporation ever. The heroine of the story, once a tank regiment commander of the old Federation now, is dealing with adapting and living under the Empire.

    From Part 1: AISS Flower, in transit from Alexis
    “EEEK!” shouted Jaclyn who’s voice was now a few octaves higher.
    “What’s wrong?” asked a bleary eyed Sharon, who woke up with the screams of her bunkmate.
    “I have tits….”
    “Of course you do dear, but they are still awfully small, give them time…”
    “But I have tits, I am not supposed to have tits, I am a guy….”

    Chapter 5: What a Nightmare!
    Sitting up from the soft bed, Jaclyn (who still thought of himself as Jason) looked at the now lit vanity mirror and was greeted with the image of a young brunette that looked like she had a rough night on the town. Also in the mirror was Sharon her redheaded bunkmate. Looking down at herself again, Jaclyn noticed that perceptively small breasts, but they were definitely those of a girl, not a 30 something man. Upon further examination, which caused the satin sheets to rub across her smooth body, she noticed that although she looked like a girl, she still had a cock and both balls. Puzzled at her state she looked plaintively to Sharon for questions.
    “Oh yeah still have a dick, well so do a lot of girls, surprise!”
    Lifting her own nightgown Sharon showed her new friend, her own vestiges of manhood, albeit she her sacks hung empty.
    “You see service to Empire is required to be a citizen, and all women must serve, it is optional for other genders, and species. The Empire and the Church though maintain that only women can lead, or actually the following genders, Amazon Female, Natural Female, Female Alien, and Transformed Female, or us, otherwise known as she-males.
    Actually only the first two, which includes the sub category of Converted Female, those who went all the way, can reach beyond the rank of Kommandette. What’s wrong dear?”
    “I did not ask for this, I was duped, this is also in violation of the Centauri Accords regarding the treatment of sentient beings….”
    “Oh well the Empire never signed that treaty, besides you volunteered, same as I did eight years ago.”
    “I did no such thing, what is going to happen to the rest of my troops?’
    “First, they are no longer yours and second I don’t know her Ladyship did not confide in me.”
    “Is she a….”
    “Oh Lady Jennifer, heck girl, no she is an Amazon, a super woman they are genetically superior to all other humans, even the new humans.”
    “Anyway by Imperial law you volunteered, I did not know my fate either when the young recruiting officer came to my planet and asked for volunteers, we were subjects to the corporation but not employees so, we had no rights, the Empire was a blessing, even if it meant all young able bodied women were drafted, and any men who wanted to fight could volunteer. The recruiter stated that we could fight if we did not mind taking orders from women, and then pulled about six of us to side, we all had college or were in college and asked us if we were interested in attending the Salon, to learn leadership skills. All of us minus two opted for their offer, they mentioned better pay, greater respect and the retirement package, that is what sold me. Anyway we boarded the shuttle to the transport that took us to where the salon was, and like you, we were no longer men, but she-males before we touched ground. The salon then refined us into proper “ladies”. We were also told that when the time came, we could pass into full womanhood, and join the elite of the Empire. Upon completion of the salon, which was full of she-male Kaydettes, is when we lost the family jewels. Ah cheer up Jaclyn it’s not a bad life, it beats the crap of an MCL work camp.”
    “Ok is it reversible?”
    “Well for me hun, no once your gelded that’s it, if you want you can talk to Lady Jennifer, but not until we get dressed for morning aerobics. Oh yeah even if you got the plumbing, standing up in the latrine, is a really bad move, so don’t even try it, oh and the Empire is rather open with relationships, the only thing you must do is obey a superior, and contact with Human Males is verboten, but that does not include she-males like us,” Sharon winked, at Jaclyn and then moved her tongue across her lips, in a very suggestive manner. “But that can wait, we need to get our sweet asses to aerobics before we get in trouble.”

    Quickly showing Jaclyn the proper attire for aerobics training, the two got dressed and quickly headed for the cargo area, where the morning routine took place. Lady Jennifer arrived a few minutes later, and called for a young Kaydette to lead the group. Prior to starting, Lady Jennifer called the group to attention and quickly inspected them. She paused in front of Sharon who was in line next to a Majourette.
    “Ms. Parker how are we feeling this morning?”
    “Uh fine your Ladyship…”
    “Did you learn your lesson, wait, Ms. Ruger has her hair out of order, did you not show her what to do?”
    “Uh we were uh running late, Ms. Ruger had a trying experience and kept waking me up…”
    “I see, well make sure it does not happen again, ok Ms. Parker?”
    “Yes Ma’am!”
    “Right Ms. Ruger, fall out of formation and report to me over by the second lift.”
    “Yes Ma’am”
    “Missy Davis, you may proceed, Ms. Ruger is excused for this session.”
    “Yes Lady Jennifer, ok girls, Attention!, Workout Formation To the Left Move!, To the Right Face!, Workout Formation To the Left Move!, To the Left Face!, Sound Off by Rank!”
    “Odd Numbers Displace!”
    “The first warm up is…..”

    While the assembly was conducting their morning routine, Lady Jennifer was meeting with Jaclyn far enough away so no one could hear their conversation.
    “Well now, don’t you look better, well we have to do something about your hair, but other than that, a sight better than yesterday? Yes? You want to ask something, ok go ahead, dear.”
    “Hell yes I want to say something, by what right do you have to do this to me! I have not done anything to you, and in fact probably saved several of your peoples’ asses by allowing you possession of Federal equipment! And you repay me by turning me into some fornicating freak girl-boy thing, I demand to speak to a representative and I demand that you turn me back!”
    Reaching over, Lady Jennifer back handed Jaclyn and then kicked in the groin, doubling the she-male over. Next she grabbed the writhing form’s mass of matted hair yanking sharply so that Jaclyn was looking into her eyes.
    “Damn You Crazy Bitch let go of my freaking Hair!” At this time Jaclyn tried to swing at Jennifer but the moment her fist was about to impact, a powerful jolt shot through her body and knocked her breathless to the floor. The commotion brought about several of the assembly to see what was going on. “Hey look the new girl is getting creamed!” shouted one of the Kaydettes.
    “In Soro’s name get your butts’ back in line, this is between me and Ms. Ruger! Oh and Missy Shultz the new girl you are referring to happens to be a Kommandette, so watch your sassy mouth, report to Majourette Duncan for punishment after Aerobics!”
    Looking down at the gasping form of Jaclyn, Lady Jennifer knelt down and lifted her confused subordinate up.
    “Ok before you do something else incredibly stupid, let’s lay down some basic rules. I know it has been a trying experience for you, and the normal acclimation period was not presented, however we hinted at what was in store, by first stating that only women can lead, and then offering you a chance to lead. But that is all in the past, second the process can be halted but not reversed, sorry since all humans begin life as female it is easier to change the mutant to the base, than alter the base to the mutant. Now I know you our cultures are different but your sewer mouth, has got to go, first it most un lady like, and you have a tendency to shout. In addition to that never ever, raise your voice to a superior unless your life depends on it, ie the battlefield. Last and I am sure you did not enjoy the sensation a superior may discipline a junior anyway she sees fit, short of criminal behavior, but striking a superior is a serious offense, as I am sure it was in the Star Force, besides those nice earrings we all wear prevent that, as you know. Now that those basics are underway, even though you are a senior officette, you superiors can punish you in any manner they see fit, keep that in mind, as we are not above caning nobles or senior ranks. Just that punishment of seniors is normally out of view of the juniors, now the spectacle you caused earlier has to be rectified….”
    Looking down at Jaclyn, Lady Jennifer noticed that the once proud male looks as if she was about to burst into tears, in fact the first few drops already fell, forming a small puddle on the deck.
    “Ah come now, oh yeah you have emotions and other things caused by the hormones that have been dumped into you, look if you want to cry, go ahead…”
    “I’m <sniff> sorry, but I can’t <sniff> help it, every thing is so confusing”
    “Look, we can’t have you breaking down like this, however Doctor Angela warned me that we were proceeding too quickly, ok, you have the rest of the day off to recover after your morning treatment, you and Sharon can use today for adjustment, since I can spare her and you really don’t have an assignment yet.”
    “Yes Missy Davis?”
    “Your Ladyship, exercise is over, and Doctor Angela is here with her team for the special girls…”
    “Missy, we do not refer to TF’s as special you know that, now get your ass back to your formation and report to Mademoiselle Duncan, after you fall out the formation, turn it over to Ms. Parker, she will lead those that need to see Doctor Angela. “
    “Yes your Ladyship, as you command…” Saluting the young Kaydette slowly returned to the formation, dismissing it, and turning the rest over to Ms. Parker, however prior to her departure she reported to Majourette Duncan and explained her transgression