A little ryhme & thanks to justine

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    January 15, 2006 12:33 PM GMT
    Chrysalis Child.

    Somewhere in the misty dawn,
    Are special children being born,
    They look the same as all the rest,
    For them though life will be a test.

    These children bear a special gift,
    Which they'll use to jump the rift ,
    That stands between the human race,
    And we could not look in their face.

    For they emerge not quite the same,
    And do not play the same old game,
    They change lives and they must,
    Leave the old ones in the dust.

    But they're us and we're them,
    And its unfair to condemn,
    They harm no one and try to heal,
    By being by themselves so real.

    It's their rebirth that makes them new,
    That's what makes them strange to you,
    But they play a golden part,
    And feel as if its just the start.

    It can take months or maybe years,
    Depending on how deaf the ears,
    To save the hurt that life can bring,
    By understanding it's their thing.

    One you could find not so far,
    Shining like a little star.
    Because the changes can be wild,
    In a pretty Chrysalis Child.

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    January 15, 2006 1:30 PM GMT
    Thanxxx, Natalie,
    for your beautiful gift, and for being the generous angel you are.