• July 4, 2006 8:43 PM BST
    Hello. My name is Angelo Victor Mercure and I would like to mention my novella NIGHT OF THE DRAGON.
    The back cover blurb:

    "In wartime Saigon, Kim Anh Thi - a young, gorgeous Vietnamese shemale - is also an undercover CIA agent, a fierce and merciless tigress. Her latest prey: Jason Glenn Dawson, a handsome American war profiteer whom Kim is ordered to seduce, then kill.
    The action is fast and furious.
    The sex is red-hot.
    You will never forget NIGHT OF THE DRAGON."

    Reviewers rave:

    "Intense and riveting work. Mercure pulls no punches."
    Kim Christy, Editor and Publisher, Exotique Magazine

    "Mercure's writing is sharp, keen-edged. Quite simply, his work is excellent."
    Ira S. Levine, Executive Editor, Larry Flynt Publications

    "Angelo Mercure has mastered the fine art of storytelling.
    Most importantly, he keeps you turning the pages."
    Christopher Ricco, Editor-In-Chief, Dugent Publishing

    "Angelo Victor Mercure's fiction is frank, dark, and brutal.
    It calls to mind the very best work of Nelson Algren."
    Chris O'Brien, Editor, Gallery Magazine

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    Thanks, all!