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All about Rikki Radoula

  • I've posted a sort of introduction to me in the Coming Out forum - but that was mostly focussed on the coming out issues I have faced though my life - this post is about me.

    I was born in Malta in 1950, oldest of 4 children, but have lived in the UK most of my life.  I'm of Yorkshire stock, but until this year have lived in the South.  A year ago, on the break up of a 10 year relationship I moved to Kingston upon Hull and have settled into the scene here in Yorkshire and apart from the from the cold,  I am really enjoying living here.

    I had been a Closet Cross-Dresser since the  age of 7 - but like most trannies lived in fear of discovery.  I found a number of ways to cover this, mostly though my love of acting and performing.  I learnt a lot about make up through that, though never had the courage to take a part that involved dressing in case someone might get suspicious.

    In my male life I am a communicator - a professional Speaker and Journalist and in some area of the market very high profile. I'm still not completely out in all those areas, but will be within the next year as I shift my career and find a way to earn a living transgendered.

    I love being out.  It has made such a difference to my life.  I also enjoy helping other Trannies who want to come out though I have been known to push a little too hard sometimes because I know just how important it is for us to be who we really are. That said I have never, nor will ever Out someone.  They have to do that themselves and I know just how terrifying the fear of being outed is.  

    I speak and write about Sales and Marketing, Technology and Web Marketing and Public Speaking.  I am an ex Butlin’s Red Coat and have a love of entertaining generally.  I am now developing an After Dinner Act involving performing humorous dramatised poetry both as a Guy and as Rikki Radoula. (My stage name)  

    Actually Rikki has become my name socially however I am dressed and I tend to either dress femme or androgynously most of the time.  Well I was a Hippy and bootleg jeans, high healed boots, long hair and flowery tops were cool for guys then, why not now.  Just wish I had had the courage to go to the Bowie concerts wearing make up in the ‘70’s

    I am also very blessed - I have all my own hair and now I am growing it long and colouring it - That caused a few comments, but what the hell – I’m Transgendered and proud to be - and there will be a time soon when everyone will know that.  I will not ever have SRS but I am doing a little chemical body reshaping.  There are times when I love being a very individualistic guy - Though not at the swimming pool anymore :-[  

    I am 5’ 10”and when I first came out last year I was about 16 stone 7 pounds (230 pounds) :'(. Thanks to Weight Watchers, I have now lost 40 pounds  ;) just another 50 to go and as I get nearer to my goal, the wardrobe will have to be replaced and the new Rikki will emerge from the shadows into the Limelight  ::) I can’t wait.  
    Luv and Huggs Rikki xxx Proud to be Transgender
      November 12, 2001 4:22 PM GMT