A Short Tale of Things Inside

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    November 22, 2006 1:46 PM GMT

    A Short Tale of Things Inside
    by kajirus 302868633{TM}
    November 11, 2006

    She stared at me from the mirror, sensual, arrogant and feminine. Spikes of black hair tipped with flame red, exploding above dark eyes, rimmed with kohl, framed with attitude, narrowed in lustful gaze. Rouged cheeks surrounded blood red lips, wet with promise and parted slightly, inviting tender kisses yet hiding teeth that would surely take their pleasure in soft flesh.
    I was aroused, my soul sang to her, and I knew she truly heard my song, for I was she, and we were one.
    Her pale neck, gripped by the leather of her collar, locked and unmovable, the proud symbol of her slavery, led my eyes down over the swell of her breast and on to the severe curves of her corsets, the perfect hourglass figure bound in uncompromising caress, black as night, leather shining from beneath the fragile lace of her blouse, covering yet emphasising what lay beneath. Around her waist ran chains of sweet cold steel, hinting of the yearnings that lay deep in her soul, emphasising the softness of her skin and twinkling bright against the dark satin of the skirt that cascaded down over the sweet curve of her hips, slit high and inviting up one side to glimpse the dark sheer nylon heaven of her thigh, that flowed in delicious allure down to the leather of her mirrored leather spike heeled boots, again punctuated with cold steel buckles and severe studding.
    Like a dark demon of desire she challenged me from the mirror, empowered in her wanton presence, careless sexuality and the promise of twisted thought and deed thrown upward like a shining beacon in the darkness, and I was aroused, for I was she and we were one.
    Deep beneath her surface I grew, inside my satin prison, feeling no wrong, so secret was I inside her skin.
    My Mistress watched my gaze envelop her, and then smiled as my eyes met Hers, for She had made me. She held out Her hand and spoke as I reached out to her…
    " come bitch child, we will play…….."

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