My First Bra fitting

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    January 5, 2008 1:13 AM GMT
    I have agreed to do this but I am so scared, yes scared though my wife thinks I am being stupid. I have shaved and am smooth as can be, my makeup is perfect and I start to dress and know that I am shaking too much but she just laughs at me. I put on my panties and bra, adjust my bra to fit my breast forms perfectly and then slip on my carefully chosen cami "look, no one will know" my wife tries to assure me, but still I shake. I pull on my tights over my silky legs, and then slip into my cream blouse and smart knee length skirt and as I put on my business heels admire my painted toe and finger nails.

    We go outside, it is a weekday so all my neigbours are at work, or at least I hope they are as I slide into the passenager seat of our car. Mt wife expertly drives us into town and through the maze of one way systems to the car park where I quake again. We get out, I have been out many times before but this is so different that even my wife cannot understand. We travel down in alift to the shopping mall with a couple of oldies whose male member hold the doors open for us , "ladies" he says gallently - it doesn't reassure me.

    We walk into Simpsons after much agonising on my part and much reassurance on my wifes and we head for the underwear department. I stand nervously as my wife seeks out who we have come for and a matronly woman in a smart skirt suit appears and smiles and asks us "to follow me". She takes us into the female changing area and asks us to take off our tops..I cringe and wish I could run away but stay and take off my blouse. For some reason I fuss over it, making sure it is not creased - why should I care at this moment?

    The lady takes out her tape and expertly messures my wifes bust and then notes to us all that she is a 36 D and then turns to me "madam would you mind taking off your cami?" she says smiling in that professonal shop worker way. I panic but my wife smiles and nods at me and I decide to go for it and slip it off. Of course I have breast forms, of course even the most blind can see that they are not real even with my clevage enhanced as it is with my diva bra but the lady, who I understand is called Jane, does not appear fussed in any way. She pulls the tap around my breast and takes her measurements and then says "madam, I suggest a 42 DD" and turns away, "I will be outside". My heart is thumping as I dress but I also have a fantastic feeling in my panty area.

    My wife and I dress again and go out into the shop where Jane walks through the bras in stock and recommends to both my wife and I the best type for our shape. As she packs my Rigby and Pellor bra and panties she smiles and says how much they will suit me.

    It has been a fantastic Wednesday this week
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    January 5, 2008 5:28 PM GMT
    Hi Anne

    I had the same problem in Hong Kong though in my case I was trying to buy for my wife but everything was so tiny!

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    January 5, 2008 10:29 AM GMT
    You go girl!!!
  • March 27, 2011 12:35 AM GMT

    Hi all. I had my first bra fitting at a fashion bug store, the girl was very nice and was in the changing area with me and asked me to take off my blouse, she measured me and said madam you are a 46 c. she then went into the store ad found some bra styles for me to try on, it was a fantastic day. felt so femieine.simone schneider.

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