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    May 27, 2008 2:09 PM BST

    Hi Girls, (and Boys, of course!),

    As I've now become the Hostess here, (and Tranny Fiction), there's a few little "ideas" that I want to try and introduce to these Forums over the next short while.

    Just as a little "starter", I want to try and combine, and "resurrect" a couple of threads that have run here before, but seem to have "gone quiet" recently.

    So, although there are a couple of existing threads here, where you've all recommended books, and so forth, I thought that if I started a new one, where we each recommended 1 book that we thought was "worth the read" (on ANY subject/in ANY genre), giving a brief reason as to why we were recommending it, then we might all find authors/genres that we might never have considered opening before, far less reading!

    To this end, it would be helpful, remembering that our members are spread throughout the world, if the more"esoteric" "locally published" or "niche market" books were, for this thread at least, set to one side.
    There's nothing worse than hearing that a certain book is brilliant or extremely interesting, only to find that it was a "limited print run/distribution", or suchlike!

    As a "starter", I've just finished "Kill Me", by U.S. author Stephen White.

    This is the first of his books I've read, although it is, in fact, his 14th. So to me, it was a case of "trying some-one new".
    It's a psychological thriller, written with two "interesting" quirks .............................
    1. The first 4 pages of the book, are actually the end of the story!! The book takes you through how that point was reached, rather than building to it !
    2. At no time in the book, do you know who the leading character is! It's written in the "first person" without use of name, etc.

    Although it could be described as a fairly "standard" psychological thriller, these quirks, and an interesting writing style, turn it into, what for me was, an interesting read, and an enjoyable introduction to an author that I hadn't read before.

    So, that's my book recommendation.
    What about you?

    Angela. xx.
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    May 28, 2008 12:33 AM BST
    My goodness, girl, is there no end to your expanding portfolio of titles???!!!

    I've just finished reading a wonderfully extraordinary book. Its not necessarily the book I would have picked from the stores shelves but one my sister loves and felt I may like too.

    Its from the early 70's and may be known by some here. It has the snappy title: The Kin Of Ata Are Waiting For You.

    For a book billed as 'a beautiful journey of the soul' and 'part love story, part science fiction, at once Jungian myth and utopian allegory' I was completely unprepared for its violent opening!

    Its an incredible journey and one that you feel you take with the protagonist. A book well worth finding [no need to look far, its on amazon still] and well worth reading.

    It has a quaintly simple style that belies the depths of narrative. Its a book I'll certainly be reading again.

    And, coincidently Angela, like your offering, the lead character has no name. None is offered and none is used.

    Much love

    Rae xxx