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    December 14, 2008 3:03 AM GMT
    Hi Girls,

    My friends and I make our little productions and add them to Youtube. Its basically drag videos, Drag queen music video's. We have started branching out and making a blogg for each of the characters and a main Perez Hilton type blogg to compliment and expand the video's we make.

    We'd really appreciate it if you took a look and gave me your feed back. Do you like them where do you think we can improve etc.

    Madame et Monsieur, Meine damen und Mein Herren, Ladies and Gentlemen it's here, at last. Your best guide to the wild, the wonderful and the fantastical.
    Juicy the latest and greatest way to get celebrity gossip, new music outlandish comments & opinions & everything JUICY!! We aim to bring you the insider look at the world of fabulousness. In this first edition we take a look at the new offering by troubled starlett Starcia Knight.
    Ms Knight is once again in trouble, this time with the owner of Dior. It seems that our little starlett believes she is famous enough to just take what she wants from the store and Dior should feel honoured that she has allowed them to dress her svelte body. Starcia's managment were quick on the scene with a credit card to put a stop to the shoplifting charges that were threatened by the store. It seems this is not the first time that Ms Knight had tried to help herself to some designer goodies. In a comment by Dior's PR representative, it was alleged that Ms Knight's shopping trip may have been planned as a show of defiance after having been turned down the brands designer for provided the costumes for her latest video and entire entourage.
    This my darlings is just the begining, a sample of whats to come.... till next time

    this was in responce to the post by the Diva herself;

    Omg What is wrong with people!!!! So im shopping in Dior and ask the sales women to fetch me a a glass of Krug clos du mesnil and she said that they do not provide that champagne and that she could get me a glass of common Dom p'erignon instead. Does this woman know who i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway i finally got over this pathetic excuse for a dior sales assistant when i saw a hologram silver mini , after 2 hrs in the store and my 2 assistants unable to carry anymore,
    I decided to get some carry bags, when i got Francesco and Cristano to dump the clothing on the counter, The b*tch started scanning the items, As if i was going to pay for them, I asked her what the hell she thought she was doing, and she had the audacity to say that dior was not a charity.
    Well f*ck the b*tch, i ordered francesco and cristano to pick up the cloths and carry them to the limo, So shes started screaming "you cant do that, its called shoplifting" I turned around and said hunny im Starcia Knight i can do whatever i want, and walked out.
    So some good has come out of this, ive decided to hire another assistant and a full time chamagne connoisseur to tell these stores how sh** there champagne is.

    till later my sweets

    So please tell me what you think