• April 1, 2009 10:33 PM BST
    hey everyone!

    I am a 2nd year photographic student studying at the university of wales. I am currently doing a project brief that is entitled photography as power and control the main aspects of the project are looking at how our society is voyeuristic. The project is about watching and not being seen and the fear and pleasure that comes from admiring something we wish to be apart of or fantasize about. Since I have started photography I have been interested in looking at inner-communities that we all know about but many of us choose to ignore or pretend we have no interest in, I am really fascinated with transgender communities and I am very interested in looking at and focusing my project around transgender culture just purely observing and documenting this place that many of us know and judge but do not actually allow ourselves to be fully informed of. I fully intend for the project to be an insight to what you are as a community and will have no negative or positive direction to it. I purely want to document and show the beauty of fantasy of your culture.

    The project its self will when complete be part of a joint public exhibition in the Riverfront Center in Newport Gwent.

    I am now looking for a male to female tv and a female to male tv to photograph in their transition from gender to gender. was wondering if you know of anyone that would be interested to help...or if you are interested in helping or if you know of any places you could think of that i could get access to photograph in?
    i'v visited a few places in london and birmingham but now I'v become stuck!

    any help would be really appreciated.

    and also anyone willing to help me as a thank you will get a disk of the full shoot and a few portfolio printed images...for those who are willing to help no matter how little or much!

    thanks for your time take care
    hope to hear from people soon
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    April 28, 2009 7:19 PM BST
    Hi Charlotte,
    It's too bad I am too far away to be of direct help - I live in Washington State, USA.

    When my father was young he was a photographer and as a freelancer represented by Black Star of NY, worked for nearly all major magazines, including Time, Life and National Geographic. He was trained in photography by the founders of Life magazine. So, I'm very familiar with the art myself. So, being involved in a photo essay like that is interesting.

    The problem is distance primarily, but also for me it's the great length of time I've been transitioning. I'm already many years into this, gradually shifting in my looks from masculine to feminine. From what I have read, someone who is at a different point in their lives than I might be able to transition much quicker, making a photo essay more practical.

    I do wish the best of luck to you in finding someone who might be willing to be a subject for you.