A simple short

  • May 21, 2009 4:31 PM BST
    Ok, this is the rough draft so I know there are typoes etc. I wrote this as a request, from my heart. Enjoy.

    We all know that the wolf howls at the moon, everynight some of us hear. Sometimes the same wolf, sometimes others. Some howls are long, low and sad while others just seem to be speaking. I will be speaking on the one we har, the one who hows sad night after the night. This is a tale of the wolf who aspired to be more than a wolf, the one who was born of the physical, but never felt right. What shall we name this wolf? For the story he shall be called Dante. Deep inside he never felt like he belong, as a wolf. Everynight he can no more look away from the moon than the bird leave the skies. He calls to it asking why he can't be what he feels, knows, is right. Each night the moon never responding, just waxing and waining. His packmates laugh at him as he expresses what's inside, telling him to just be a wolf, it's what he has and should be happy. That's the past now, adding another note to his howl. He left his pack, in search of that which would bring out what's inside. A rogue wolf, accepted by none shun and hunted whenever he enters another territory. One night, during the month of the wolf moon, he howls to the fullness she presents. He failed to notice that this moon, though full, was not the same as the wolf moon thirteen moons prior, nearly a year before, it seemed closer, brighter. As he lays down to sleep, tired from hunger and running from those who don't understand, a dream takes him. In this dream the moon takes a form, one he does not know. Yet, within he knows it to be kindred. The form speaks to him, asking him, "What is it you feel?" The wolf, without hesitation, says, "I feel like we are the same, though we look different. Why?" The being starts to walk away, motioning him to follow. As he does the form speaks, "What you feel inside, the strangeness of not being you, is what you aspire to be, what you know you soul to be." To this the wolf questions, "Do you know what is is, why I am this way?" They both walk through his dreamlands, a moment in silence, As they walk, the wolf notices small changes happeneing to him, his form. He writes them off as dream, ignoring them, while he hears once more, "Your soul is not wolf, just as mine is not that of a Goddess." The wolf looks to the Goddess with shock in his eyes, too stunned to realized he had no longer look up, but even. "Your a what," he stutters in shock, asking the other. The changes continue further, faster in this dreamstate, the Goddess now looking as Dante and the Wolf as the Goddess. Spoken now, from the wolf, it is said, "You are now as I was and I am as you were. We are both free to be what we should have been." With this the dream starts to fade, Dante chasing the wolf, questions at hand. As she awakens, she notices things have changed, above is the Earth and below the Moon. Dante stands and examines herself, feeling right, as though this is how things should be. Proud to be what she is.
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    May 21, 2009 4:39 PM BST
    Fae...very interesting symbolism...would like to see it continued...observe Dante's journey now!

    Traci Xxxx