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Good Morning Sunday Oct 28th

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    Good Morning!!!

    Getting off to a good start today. Thought I get my shopping done early today. When I went out to the car my windshield was coverd with ice.(not ready for that)
    But the store was allmost empty so I was in & out. Done, Finished, All through.

    Got home, started my wash & cleaned up the front room.
    So What have any of you girls done with your day so far.
    It's not evan 9am yet. Hahaha!!!
    <p>Karen Brad</p>
      October 28, 2007 12:58 PM GMT
  • I've had a busy morning here. Visited my wife and son in hospital, came home and did the laundry (ooh what fun!), made lunch and then did some baking, before carving pumkins with my daughter.

    Every woman is beautiful, some show it with their faces, others show it with their hearts.
      October 28, 2007 1:22 PM GMT
  • Moderator
    Oh my morning has been so exciting really,
    1, i made coffee
    2, i filled and started the dish washer
    3, started the washing,
    4, now having my first cup of coffee

    Oh yes and a good morning to you all
    Hugs and love
    Life is to short to be sad and cry. Bring out your inner Joy. Smile in the sun and enjoy life. Blessed be.
      October 28, 2007 1:49 PM GMT