My Wicked Ways

  • May 23, 2011 2:27 AM BST

    Come into my parlor and taste the brew I’ve made today. Don’t worry
    about the burn my dear; soon you’ll feel no pain. The numbness will
    encompass you, and then you’ll see things my way. Close your eyes,
    invite the sleep. I’ll be here until the end, to guide you on a journey; to
    help you on your way. My home was built for visitors, each strand was
    carefully laid. It draws your curiosity, to come closer and be amazed.
    Come now don’t be shy, sit with me and talk awhile. I’m sure our
    commonalities, aren’t so different in needs. Do you like the broche I
    wear, in the shape of an hour glass to represent time is short. The color
    is pretty don’t you think, blood red is not so hard find. You seem
    nervous my dear, here let me calm your heart. You don’t want to go now
    friend, our meeting has just begun. What do I want you ask, to supp
    upon your veins. My smile has raised your eyes in terror, but no sound
    can you make, as your life drains away. As you slowly drift off, I’ll
    tell you what they call me. The Black Widow who steals life for her
    own gain. Don’t feel bad, you’re not the first nor will you be the last!
    Sara Weatherholt

  • May 23, 2011 2:49 AM BST

    Ok, just how sick poor Sara can be. I found a baby spider making a web in my bathroom. No cats then. And I love all of nature, I do not descriminate. I spider can't help being a spider anymore than you can help being a woman or man. Nor what type or specie's they are. Yep, you're right it was a Black Widow spider. I didn't know at the time the babies are an off white, yellowish color. Well, by the time she grew up I was attatched to her. I got out the magnifying glass because there was something subltely familiar about her body type. I seen the Hour Glass, needless to say I back up a little, and had some decisions to make. I had even named her Charlotte, yes after charlotte's web. I got up every day and said good morning Charlotte how are you today. Now I know I have a posionous spider in my house. Well I looked her up on the internet and it said BW's rarely to never leave their webs, only for food if absolutely neccessary. So I decided Ok, you stay on your web on your side of the bathroom like you have been I'll feed you and we'll get along just fine and you can share my home. So we did, I caught ants, bugs, then went to the bait shop and got crickets. Charlotte was fat and happy. Then one day after a year, she left her web, I almost stepped on her in the hallway. I decided then it was probably best and safer for the both of us if she went outside. So I got a cup with a lid, and got her in and took her outside. Now here's the really sick part! I cried for days, I actually missed and worried about her in the wild. Well she was a tame spider never had to hunt her own food. Anyway, that is when I wrote this poem. It's ok, you can laugh, call the men in white coats, I know them by name anyway. They was nice and gave me a coat with long sleeves, must of belonged to some one with long arms they could wrap them all around me to keep me warm. hahahahahahaha Hope you all enjoy this one.

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    May 23, 2011 8:36 PM BST

    Very nice. I enjoyed your writing.

    Thank goodness you didn't step on Charlotte - she might have been a relative.



  • May 23, 2011 10:48 PM BST

    In spirit I believe she is. If you don't hear a one of Mother Nature's creature's sceam, does that mean it feels no pain? Because you see no tears, do they not cry? We may not all be on the same level of intellect as a species, but we all need love, food, shelter from the elements. Our basic needs are the same. I am so glad you like my writing. It did make Charlotte appear wicked but in truth it was not so. She stay on her web until the one day and well other than eat, she was peaceful. Well Gracie it was nice to meet you and have you share my work. Love & Blessing, Have a wonderful evening.