Into the darkness

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  • Into the darkness




    Ursula walked to the table and checked the contents of her purse:


    1 wooden mallet

    7 woooden stakes

    2 wine glasses

    1 bottle of the finest cchampaigne money could buy

    1 little black dress.  You see Ursula hunted vampires for a living, and in the 21st century they came in all shapes and sizes.  And she would use whatever means to catch her prey, Ursula had been doing this job for 150 years.  Out of 150 cases she had solved them all, except for #150, and that person would be meeting her tonight.  If her luck held, this would be that person's last night in the realm of mortals.....


    to be continued.

      May 24, 2011 5:38 AM BST
  • Very good, please continue!

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  • you have my attention

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  • Into the Darkness


    Chapter One


    Alfredo stood calmly gazing out the window at the city lights far below.  Dressed in a navy blazer and black trousers, he cautiously sipped at his drink of blood red wine in his hand while holding an ivory handled walking stick in th other, made of polished edbony and topped with a handle that looked strangely like a clasping human hand with fingers outstretched. Drinking clouded the sensess and for what he planned to do tonight required a clear mind, besides he wanted to make sure Angelique experienced a night she would never forget.


    To be continued....

      May 28, 2011 8:32 PM BST
  • Yes... you definitely have my attention.  2 people with hidden agenda's!!!

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  • Ursula quickly jumped into her dark green Porsche and sped off to see Alfredo for her "date" for the evening, she had to hurry for she knew thar she was running behind schedule alreadly.  The large engine of her car rumbled contentedly as she sped along the brightly lit streets of the city.  Looking further down the road she spotted what appeared to be a bunle of clothing on the side of the road.  Quickly braking she reached over to gab a flshlight and her purse. Carefully opening the door she stepped out onto the shoulder and walked forward cautiously examining her surroundings.  As she got closer she could see what appeared to be blonde hair sticking out from under the blanket.  Instantly her senses began to tingle and alarm bells in her mind began screaming like  4 alarm fire."Who, or what is under that blanket?" Ursula wondered.  She would soon find out as she moved closer to see.




    to be continued

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  • Quickly grabbing her first aid kit she rushed to see what assistance she could offer.  As she got closer she noticed the flesh on the victims face looked quite pale, hopefully this person was still alive.  Kneeling down she carefully pulled back a corner of the blanket to uncover the victime and to see what condition she was in.  As she looked closer she could see what looked like puncture marks on her neck, she felt for a pulse and luckily she found one.  After cleaning the area she dressed it with sterile gauze and a badage carefully lifting her she carried her over to her car and using one hand she carefully laid her down in the back seat.  The hunt would have to wait someone needed serious medical aid.  So, off to her home she went.

      July 30, 2011 6:47 AM BST
  • and then????

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  •      When Ursula got back to her apartment, she got out of her car and carefully carrieed the injured woman to the couch in the livingroom.  After appplying some fresh antiseptic ointment, and a fresh bandage, she placed a blanket over her and went to gather some more supplies to treat her wounds.  Shortly after she left the room,something strange began to happen, the color seemed to return to her cheeks as if nothing had ever happened, stranger still the puncture wounds on her neck looked like they had already healed, or they were barelty there at all!  Who was this person and what was going on?


      August 4, 2015 10:08 PM BST