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Life after lunacy part one

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  • well this is my first part of this story that i wrote, i realise it is a bit long but its not 500 thousand words ^_^ only about 5 thousand <,< well if you feel like reading i appreciate any feedback





    He was crawling forward in the harsh blizzard. his entire body was numb, he didn't even think he was moving any more, it was as if his body was moving itself. He just wanted to go to sleep, he was tired, so tiered. a trail of red snow led all the way back to the Battle Field. He didn't even remember how he got to there all he remembered was everything afterwards. this giant beast had attacked him. Defending himself with all he could muster he was able to fight it off, and even kill it. but it left him severely wounded and in the middle of nowhere with a blizzard raging overhead. his eyes started drooping, he had stopped shaking a while ago. he could see trees all over the place. they were getting thicker as he moved forward, he didn't want to keep going but he would die if he didn't so he moved forward. the trees were so thick he had to maneuver around them he then reached a bush, a very large bush that he just decided to push threw, it would probably have hurt him, had his body not been so numb.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    the sun shined brightly overhead, it was a wonderful day, Saroja had decided to take advantage of this by resting outside, she thought she dozed off a few times but couldn't tell and didn't really care. she stretched slightly

    "Roja.... hello..." her eyes opened slightly still trying to focus "ROJA!" a voice shouted and she jumped up. Her heart raced for a few seconds before she calmed down enough to investigate. She didn't see anything. "Up here" she looked up to see a winged figure in the tree, it was Galiena. the angel jumped down, standing before her she gave that usual aura of pride in herself. it was that of over pride that really made her who she was. "man you are so lazy" she uttered with a cocky smirk across her face.

    "nice to see you to Lena" Saroja sighed as she rubbed her eyes. "why are you bothering me?" Galiena took a few seconds, still looking at her in the same manner. Saroja stared back, taking in everything she saw. the angel was wearing some long pants and a black shirt and she had some brown boots on. her wings were white, her hair was black and her eyes were blue.

    "nothing in particular, its just Zweeny seems to be scared of something, AGAIN! she's asking for you, she made it sound urgent but what isn't with her?" Galiena laughed at her own joke, she didn't even care that Saroja didn't find it funny. she wiped her eye dramatically before she smiled at Saroja again. Saroja just shook her head and sighed.

    "Okay Lena, where is she?" Galiena pointed towards the north end of the Field towards the house.

    "She said to meet her behind the house near her garden" Galiena started to walk away "good luck calming her down Roja, she was real hysteric when she talked to me" there was an amount of satisfaction in Galiena's voice, she was far from worried about Zweena. Saroja sighed and shook her head. Most of the time Galiena was bearable, but she cared for herself a lot more then others, she even got satisfaction from talking down to others. Saroja started walking towards the house rubbing her eyes. she didn't even really know where they were, from what she was told it was a magical place for lost girls. it was true, all of the residents were girls that were lost, though for good reason. they had all narrowly escaped from death, only to end up in this place. Saroja stretched as she walked, she came from a forest about to be destroyed. she had been accused of putting a curse on a nearby human village, her along with her other dryads were being hunted down. she was the only one to escape and it was all because of some mysterious light. a tear ran down her cheek, she couldn't think about it easily. like all dryads she had green skin with hair like a plant, hers resembled ivy, and her eyes were orange. however unlike dryads she wore human clothing. long pants and a shirt covered her body, she refused to wear shoes however, she loved the feel of grass between her toes. she walked by the lake that was in front of the house she looked over to see Ayo in the water. the cat girl was swimming around and giggling every once in a while.

    "Ayo, what are you doing?" The feline looked up at Saroja and smiled.

    "I'm fishing, would you like some if i catch anything?" Ayo was very young, at the moment she was wearing her bathing suit but normally she would wear a tank top and some shorts, she had white fur and had pink hair, her eyes were green.

    "you know I'm a vegetarian"

    "oh" Ayo tried to contemplate what she was just told "well, ill make sure to leave you some in case you change your mind" Ayo smiled, she was so naive. Saroja smiled and rolled her eyes as she walked off. the entire place was surrounded by a thick line of trees, if some one walks to far in one direction she will end up at the exact opposite spot in the clearing. there were a few trees here and there but everything had grass, save the giant mansion on one side of the clearing. behind it Zweena had made a garden, it was one of the few places Zweena could go to calm down. despite the harsh words Galiena uttered about her, she was very jumpy and she scared easy.

    "poor girl" Saroja sighed, she felt sorry for her. on the other hand she does make really good vegetables, Saroja's tummy grumbled at the thought. "maybe i could pick up a thing or two, i am feeling a bit hungry."

    "HEY!" a familiar voice shouted "some of us are trying to train here" Saroja looked over to a near by tree to see Lei sitting underneath it. Lei opened her eyes to look at Saroja "OH, hey Roja. i didn't mean to be rude, i thought you were someone else, but could you quiet down a little bit, I'm trying to concentrate" Lei smiled at Saroja.

    "yeah, okay I'll quite down a bit, I'm sorry"

    "its okay you didn't see me here" Saroja smiled. Lei was a strong fairy, she was always concentrating on her training. her hair was red and looked like fire, her skin had a sort of green tent to it with some red spots here and there, her eyes were a solid black. she wore a sort of leaf like dress that covered her body and some boots. The wings on her back looked like bug wings and they flapped slowly. Lei always seemed to be very nice to Saroja, Saroja continually heard of Lei being pushy, but she never really saw it. her mind started to wander as she walked around towards the back of the mansion. she remembered the first friend she made here, Jane. Jane was a Dryad as well, but Saroja always looked up to her, her up beat attitude always seemed to make everyone smile. it was funny though, the last time she saw her she was a bit scared. When asked why Jane just stated that there was something wrong that she needed to find out. Serafina, the ghost caretaker of the house, told Saroja the next day she had vanished. apparently Serafina didn't know what happened to her, said something about her probably going back to her world. Saroja sighed, 'it was to bad' Saroja thought 'she made everyone feel better, even Zweena seemed to be less skittish with her around' she spotted Zweena standing near the back of her garden staring at the edge of the clearing. Zweena wore a thick sweater and a skirt, though it couldn't be seen she was barefoot. She wore very heavy and warm clothing because she was used to warmer places. trolls lived in mountains where it was very hot. she had a light fur coat, very large ears her eyes were violet and teared, she looked like she could faint at any minute. Saroja walked over to her and placed a hand on her side she jumped.

    "AAH!!" she was shaking a bit.

    "whats wrong Zweena, are you okay?" she looked at the young troll. Zweena tried to speak but she only stammered out a few weak words that were not even legible "what was that? i couldn't hear you" Zweena squeaked and just shook a bit while pointing towards the edge, Saroja looked over to where Zweena was pointing, only to see a pile of black leather? she walked over to it and looked down upon it, it was a person. she tried to touch it.


    "oh no whats wrong" Zweena was on the verge of having a heart attack at this point, she whimpered at the reaction.

    "He's Cold..... don't worry Zweena maybe you should go get Galiena" Zweena squeaked at the mention of that name, they never really got along to well. "okay, how about Lei?" Zweena nodded quickly and then rushed off. Saroja turned her attention back to the unconscious man on the floor. she turned him over and stepped back in shock, it was a demon. he had a red face with a black pattern on it. his horns protruded his green hair that covered part of his face. he wore a black suite and some black boots. he had plenty of spots where his blood was leaking into his clothing, he looked pained and he was freezing.

    "whats wrong now Roja?" Saroja turned to see Galiena standing behind her looking at the Demon lying on the floor in front of her.

    "well apparently this appeared on our doorstep" she pointed at the young demon on the floor. "I need to move him into my room i think he could die at any moment."

    "do you need some help with that?" Galiena looked at her, her prideful act seemed to vanish for a bit

    "would be nice, could you pick up his-" Galiena walked over and picked up the demon and turned around to face Saroja "-or you could do that"

    "I'll fallow you, he smells like he's been in a fight recently. i wounder how hostile he is"

    "well it wont matter if i don't heal him" Saroja seemed a bit frantic as they walked along the house towards the entrance.

    "you know the others are not going to be to happy with a Demon walking around here"

    "we can deal with that later right now he needs help. I'll deal with handling him, don't worry"

    "I'm worried" Galiena put no emotion behind those words

    * * * * * * * * * *

    "man, what were we doing and why were we not aware of it?" the demon woke up. saroja was near by watching him, he didnt seem to notice her presence just yet. he was on the floor next to a fireplace, he was also next to a bed, in front of him was a desk

    "well, dieing for one thing" his eyes darted to the door. Saroja locked eyes with him, and her confadence faltered.

    "oh, we didn't see you there"

    "wh-why are you t-talking like that?"

    "why, are we talking, like what?" there was a pause, saroja's eyes shifted, she looked like she had gotten into a conversation she didn't want to be in.

    "y-your talking about yourself, like your multiple people, w-why?" her voice was very shaky

    "that's a long story and you are some one we don't know well enough to explain that to" his eyes started to narrow. "is there something wrong?" he eyed her "your nervous why are you nervous?" she moved a bit.

    "i'm not nervous..." she shifted her wait slightly. his gaze stayed on her eyes filled with mistrust, he obviously didn't believe her, they shared an awkward pause.

    "no matter." he paused again "so, we suppose you are curious, you probably have questions for us do you not?"

    "i do" she was still trying to get her confidence back.

    "feel free to ask" he seemed a bit disinterested "however please take heed, you may ask anything, but there are questions we do not feel you need to know" she nodded as she prepared her questions.

    "what's your name?"

    "if i answer that would you mind extending the same courtesy" the demon raised an eyebrow

    "i will" she nodded


    "Saroja" she glanced to the side, the conversation was already off to an awkward start.

    "how old are you?"

    "very" his eyes were looking around the room.

    "i only ask because you look very young"

    "we understand your reasoning behind the question, but we think our answer is sufficient. exact age is meaningless, all you need to know is appearances are deceiving"
    "okay so, do you know any magic?"

    "yes, we're quite fluent in magic" he made a blue light with his hand absentmindedly.

    "where do you come from?"

    "from a galaxy far far away"

    "okay" she paused "why did you leave?"

    "we felt like it" she looked to the side a bit "to be honest, we went on a rampage through a few towns and were exiled" he still looked indifferent.

    "d-did you really?" she asked

    "no" she was more comfortable now, but his lack of cooperation was a little bit irritating.

    "you know, i would like it if you answered these questions a bit more respectfully"

    "no point, im just going to be leaving soon anyway, all of these answers will be entirely pointless due to my absence and you can just simply forget about me, everyone's happy."

    "if you could leave, don't you think we would have to?" the demon looked back at her.

    "hmm?" this was the biggest amount of interest he seemed to have, as minor as it was. "so what your saying is your trapped here? how so?"

    "fallow me" she motioned him to fallow her. after a bit of walking in scilence.


    "oh you can call me Roja, but, what is it?"

    "well, we're just wondering is it still snowing outside?" it seemed like an odd question to her, it never snowed around here.

    "uh, there's no snow, ive never seen snow around here" Avaria nodded slightly.

    "we didn't think so judging by your clothing. besides a dryad wouldn't be caught in a snow storm unless by accident. though we find it rather odd. we came from a blizzard, if you didn't notice, we're sure we were a bit cold." she nodded as they continued. he was led through a few hallways before he decided to break the silence again "by the way, we seem to have a new piece of jewelry we didn't have before, we were wondering if you happened to know where it came from"

    "oh, um, that? don't worry about that its nothing" her tone was almost to easy to read.

    "look, its one thing to not trust us, you don't know us and we understand. but please do not insult our intelligence. we told you we were fluent in magic, its a very simple spell to find out if something is magical or not. from there we think of the fact that there are really only three things the magic would do, one good, two nothing important, and three bad. you and us don't know each other and this was hear before we woke up, thus it obviously is not good. its also not number two because that would also fall under you and us knowing each other or something to that effect. logically speaking this is sort of a precaution at least, because you don't know us you obviously need something to keep us from acting rash or anything" he paused

    "I, I'm sorry, look its the only way i don't want the others to worry and its just" she stopped for a second.

    "think nothing of it, we understand we didn't say it was unacceptable we just want to know you know we know its there" she nodded as they turned down another hall, they stayed on that hall until they reached some very big doors,.his mind was wondering just how big the house was when Saroja opened the door to the outside. he half expected there to be a blizzard still raging as he went through the door. the sky, however, was orange, he could tell it was dusk. there was a sleight breeze but other then that it was very nice he looked around, it was an oval shaped clearing, in front of the house was a sort of pond or lake. there were a few trees here and there and two hills. the clearing was not huge, Avaria made a few guesstimates and concluded with 1/4 a kilometer at the longest point, and half that at the shortest. the entire clearing was surrounded by trees, mostly pine trees from the looks of things and other then pavement around the pond and the small patio in front of the house the entire clearing had grass. "So we are guessing you have already tried going through the forest correct?"

    "yes, but if you want to try go ahead" she paused "if you go in there" she pointed to a certain spot "you will come out over there" she turned around and pointed at another spot on the opposite side of the clearing. Avaria was a bit intrigued, he started walking casually towards the edge continuing past it. it went on for a bit, there was a point to which he looked in every direction and there was trees, he had no longer been able to see where he had come from. he remembered the direction he was going in and continued in that direction until he could see a clearing, he couldn't tell if it was the one he had come from so he continued forward. he emerged from the tree line and looked around, it was an oval shaped clearing with a huge house at one end, a small pond in front of it, some trees here and there two hills. he sighed to himself as he realised he was describing the same clearing he spotted Saroja and walked over to her. "so did you have fun?" she smiled at him, he didn't look amused.

    "well unless you built some sort of flying machine or we're missing something you haven't tried flying out have you?" Avaria continued to look at the sky as if to look for the right way to do it.

    "your missing something then. Galiena tried flying out, she said it was the weirdest thing she had ever seen and left it at that, i decided not to question her" Saroja shrugged.
    "We suppose we will meet this "Galiena" in time if we don't find a way out of here first, do you mind us seeing for ourself?" Saroja shook her head in response so Avaria took stance, he made sure Saroja was out of the way before he started to gather energy to thrust him into the air, after he had enough he pushed off and started to ascend. he went up until he was over the sky line. he was surprised by what he saw. looking in one direction he could see himself flying the same exact way, looking in other directions allowed him to see a similar sight. looking down he could see miniature copies of the clearing. he thought he saw Saroja in one of them. he decided to descend, landing he looked over at Saroja "that was, very interesting" she shivered a bit.

    "what did you see?" Saroja looked over at Avaria, her arms were wrapped around herself.

    "well, we saw copies of ourselves flying over copies of this clearing would you like to go inside, i think its a bit cold out" she shivered out a nod as he fallowed her inside. they stood in the entry hall for a few minutes as Saroja warmed up a bit. he sighed "it was probably not a good idea to have you bring me out there" he seemed strangely concerned, up until recently he had a cold indifference towards everything. she tried not to think about it to much but it just seemed, odd.

    "okay" she sighed "I think its time you met the rest of the girls if that's okay with you?" he looked around the entry hall it was fairly vast. the room led into two hallways to the side, there were two sets of stares leading to higher levels, and a hall way straight across from the front door under the stares.

    "well we suppose we are going to meet them sooner or later better sooner and formal, then later and by surprise" she nodded and motioned him to fallow her. she lead straight to the hall under the stare. he thought he heard some voices and movement, taking quick glances in their direction to investigate gave no clue to the source. the house was big, he concluded, the sounds where probably just from the others. they had took a few turns here and there, there were plenty of doors, he took notes in his head to go around and check out what was their, perhaps they had a library. they finally reached a set of doors labeled "dining hall" and Saroja held the door open for him, he walked in casually looking around, the room was more then big enough to hold one really big table and a fire place, along with a few tables here and there.

    "I'll go get them, i wont be long" with that she closed the door behind him. he let out a sigh that he had held in for a while. his mind wandered to random things as he made his way to one of the chairs closest to a corner, he took a seat and rested his head on the table. he didn't mind to much, a minor inconvenience was how he described it, soon he would be out and would be able to get on with his boring existence. he sat down at the table and rolled his eyes.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    "i-i-is he scary?" Zweena squeaked from the back of the group. Galiena had a mischievous smirk on as she turned her head in Zweena's direction.

    "NO he's not scary don't worry, i heard he's a fur collector" Zweena stopped, rubbing her lightly furred hands together

    "i-i-i think i will meet him later, I'm sure my vegetables need tending to" Zweena smiled nervously, Saroja had made her way to block Zweena from leaving.

    "look, he's a nice guy, I've had a talk with him, he seems a bit distant, but he's not bad, and he's not going to hurt you, besides he has the necklace on" Zweena hesitated but nodded and fallowed her. Serafina drifted up beside Saroja as she led the group towards the dining hall, she moved in close so her echoing whisper could be heard by Saroja's ears alone.

    "i don't mean to sound rude, but are you sure a demon can be trusted into staying here with us, its bad enough he's a man" Saroja looked over to Serafina and smiled.

    "as i said he's got the necklace on, even if he wanted to harm us he couldn't. don't worry i have this under control" she continued her confident smile, Serafina returned the smile but not the confidence. It was obvious to Saroja that Serafina still didn't like the idea of a male demon roaming around her house. 'it didn't matter' Saroja thought, 'they would all see he's not a bad guy and he would be accepted very quickly'. they all stopped short of the door and Saroja turned to them. "Okay i understand all of your concerns, its okay, but he is a nice guy and I'm sure you will all like him." she smiled but it faded "that's not to say he isn't a bit weird, he has a few quirks that you may find a bit odd please don't let it cloud your judgement of him, okay lets go" she turned around and opened the door allowing them all to enter. upon entrance they spotted the demon sitting in a chair lying his head on the table, his arms were crossed on the table with his face buried in them. Saroja took a few steps forward.

    "is he asleep?" Ayo piped up from the back, eager to see the new person do something fun or interesting. Saroja started to get closer as one of his hands shot into the air, it waved slightly as his face emerged looking at them all. he looked like he was abruptly awoken from his slumber.
    "salutations, we are Avaria. we are delighted to be in your presence" Saroja quickly walked over to Ayo and pulled her closer to Avaria.

    "this is Ayo" Saroja smiled, Avaria looked down at her.

    "salutations" Avaria said, she looked at him a bit confused

    "bless you" she smiles.

    "we meant to say hello" his words were warm but his face seemed to tell a different tale.

    "hello" Ayo still smiled

    "so, how old are you?"

    "I'm 13 years old" Ayo smiled at him "oh oh is it true that Demons can breath fire?"

    "it is possible, but Demons do not breath fire as a natural ability. in short no" it still seemed like he was giving mixed messages.

    "aw that would be so cool, what CAN you do?" Ayo smiled at Avaria eager to know more about this interesting new person.

    "okay, okay, Ayo i think its time he met someone else, I'm sure he will have plenty of time to answer all of your questions later" Saroja walked over to Lei, who was standing in the back corner "this is Lei" Lei took a few fierce steps forward

    "LISTEN demon! i will tolerate your presence here but i will not accept you, make one false step and i will ensure it is your last!" she glared at his blank stare

    "greetings, lei, a pleasure meeting you" he bowed, she looked as though she was ready to strike, but Saroja pleaded physically with her, and she backed away still glaring at Avaria. the angel stepped forward.

    "this is"

    "you must be Galiena, i thought it sounded like an angel name, salutations" he bowed, she returned the bow but did not speak, she took two steps backwards. Saroja ignored the tension in the air as she walked over to Lei again.

    "this is" she grabbed something and pulled it out from behind Lei "Zweena"
    "greetings Zweena, i love the color of your fur coat"

    "i-i-it's true" Zweena ran from the room. Serafina drifted into view

    "my name is Serafina, it is a pleasure to meet you" she bowed. it happened in an instant while Saroja was looking at Avaria's face. this look in his eyes, it was malicious and yet understanding. it was gone in a flash, had she blinked she would have never caught it. it had given her chills but she didnt think Serafina saw it.

    "the pleasure is all mine" he returned a bow.

    "SO, now that you've met everyone, would you care to have dinner with us, it is coming close to that time" She smiled at him. Avaria Stretched and looked at her
    "actually I'm feeling a bit tired, i think i would like to find some place to sleep" Avaria said, he did look tired.

    "um okay fallow me" she walked over to the door, Avaria walked past the girls with a streight face. he left the room and fallowed Saroja as she led him to his room. "why don't you want to eat with us i know your not THAT tired"

    "oh come on, your not that stupid. if you don't count us, 4 of the people in that room don't want us here, it seems only one of them was bold enough to tell it to our face" he rolled his eyes " same thing every time, we can easily see it coming" he looked to the side "though we suppose we can understand, Galiena hates us because we're a demon, understandable demons and angels don't ever really get along, besides we get this aura of importance from her, we hate people who are convinced the world revolves around them. Zweena doesn't necessarily hate us, more so seems to be afraid of us, that's understandable creatures are naturally afraid of demons. Lei is a bit harder to understand, it cannot be because we're a demon, Fairy's and demon's have got along for centuries. its probably because we're male, she seems like one of those women who are convinced that the world would be a better place without men." Avaria shrugged

    "well at least you remember their names, but would it kill you to emote a bit more?" Saroja rolled her eyes

    "im not going to veil myself behind lies if i don't have to. i see no reason to try to convince them that im a nice person when I'm not."

    "I think your nicer then you think you are" he looked at her without belief "but anyway how can you tell all that from them? its not like they all flat out told you"

    "i can read people as well as any book, it dosn't take magical powers to see what they think." they didn't speak for the rest of the walk.

    "well here's your room, are you sure you don't want to come eat something with us?" she almost sounded like she was pleading for him to come back.

    "pretty sure" she looked at him, he still looked worn out.

    "alright, be a lump, ill bring some food for you later some time so you don't starve to death" Avaria mumbled something under his breath, she ignored it "good night" he walked to the door and opened it "oh and Avaria?" he stopped and looked back in her direction "please give them a chance I'm sure they will like you if you guys get to know each other, just talk to them a bit"

    "doubtful, but we suppose it couldn't hurt". after the door closed, Saroja let out a sigh. she walked back towards the dining hall.

    'that was a big success' she thought 'i just wish they would give each other a chance, hopefully things will change' she sighed again, but was interrupted by her growling stomach 'BUT i think i have a bit more important things to attend to, such as my empty stomach'. she stopped, "maybe I'll ask Avaria what he wants to eat" she turned around with a smile. she approached the door, she heard a voice behind the door it wasn't Avaria's. a raspy laugh came from behind the door.
    "so much hatred in the air" a cackling laugh came "especially that girl"

    "mind your tongue!" Avaria sighed "there's something wrong with her, i don't know what it is, i could feel something wrong with this place as soon as i awoke here. but i cannot just randomly attack her because i think there's something wrong"

    "I can"  the cackling laughter returned.

    "why do i find myself wishing that when i talked to myself, i wouldn't respond."

    "you should be more careful when your talking to yourself, unwanted ears may be listening" a shuffle in the room was heard, Saroja's heart skipped a beat. Avaria's head poked out from the door and looked over at Saroja.

    "may i help you?" she looked at him worry was across her face.

    "uh-um, i was just wondering what you may want to eat, i was going to bring you something"
    "oh well, I'm tired i think I'm going to go to bed. i will see you tomorrow morning okay, by the way, could you show me where the library is tomorrow?"
    "oh, of course" she bowed and turned to walk towards the dining hall. she didn't know what to think of that, but she decided to think about it later.

      July 26, 2011 10:34 AM BST