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Today was Interesting!


    Hello Ladies!

    Today had and interesting turn of events! Yesterday I was over at my wife's parents house watching my daughter and the elderly ladies they take care of for them, so they could get the apartment down stairs cleaned up. It is for my wife and daughter. I made everyone homemade pizza for supper. Before I left for the night at 9pm I told her I would not be around in the late afternoon, because I was going to meet some ladies from CLCC to chat and have coffee. This morning she comes over and starts in on me again how I am going against God and all the promises I made on how to raise our daughter. Now this is long before I ever came to terms with being TG. She is not letting me spend time alone with our daughter, because of this and I got very upset with her. She does not understand me getting upset, by being put in the same class as a child molester in theory. My first wife did something similar and my now wife knows this and how much pain I went through to get back in their lives.

    After she left I was in tears and shutting down inside. After two hours I was able to start to move around and went to the store and bank. Got ready to go and ended up a half an hour late to the meeting up in Minneapolis. The cafe ends up being closed and under new management will reopen soon. So I decided I am not going to waste all the time spent overcoming my depression, anxiety, and getting dressed all up to go to a meeting. So I went shopping at the Mall of America in Bloomington. The mall was not packed at all which was unusual for this time of year. I walked around ended up getting some more make-up from Bare Minerals and had fun in there once again with the SA's. Then walked around some more did some shoe shopping did not find much though. Then found Forever 21 store and did some jewelry shopping found a nice necklace, but I had the best time with one of the SA. She just loved how I was dressed, called me gorgeous, just loved how I did everything make-up and all. We talked about bras, shoes, dresses, make-up the whole nine yards! She even wanted to go shopping together some time! LOL! I think she was into me we ran into each other as I was leaving the Mall of America and she started to flirt with me some more! What a GREAT twist and night after all that happened! I had so much fun tonight going out I'm glad I forced myself to go!

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