Hello, newcomer here!

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    December 18, 2011 11:14 AM GMT

    Hello! How are you all? Please, call me Morgan or Morgue, whatever you would rather. ^^


    I'm not usually very good at the introduction thing, so wish me luck.


    I am a twnety year old homosexual man who is caged in the body of a woman. I know, it may be a little confusing, but all of you here will probably have an easier time understanding me than anyone else.


    Though my interests are wide and vast, I'm not really sure where to start on saying what I like and dislike, so please, feel free to ask me any and all questions. I will be more than happy to answer. I know I can be shy at first, so I appologize if I seem kinda stand-off-ish. I'm really an open person, just a little gun shy, y'know?


    Again, feel free to ask me anything, or talk to me about anything. I'm willing to be the ear to listen or the shoulder of comfort if you need it, or if you simply want to chat about random little things, then that is fine as well!


    Hope you are all doing well,


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    December 18, 2011 12:13 PM GMT
    Hello Morgan,

    welcome to The Gender Society. For an introduction you did very well. Many of the people who come to the site seek friends and advice from those in a similar position.
    Being transgendered is a state of mind and body that many folks can't or are unwilling to understand.
    Being a MTF transexxual i can identify with many of the issues you describe regarding coming out to family members. Having a voice in any forum is important and i and many others would like to know how you coped with your coming out especially to family. The idea of putting your feelings in a post is very cathartic.
    Please feel free to post in the Coming out forum. Having a FTM post will hopefully help others in the same position and will give an insight into the issues you faced.
    In here we often talk in the chat room, post our inner most thoughts and feeling and generally aid each other, in what is the biggest decision a person can make regarding their lifestyle choice and future happiness.
    i hope to speak to you soon and please feel free to contact any member if you wish to talk to them. we have more in common than many think regardless of our chosen gender.
    Good luck and be happy. x
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    December 18, 2011 12:29 PM GMT
    Thank you, Faye. I'll do just that. If I can help anyone in any way, I'll be more than happy to put forth the effort.